December 12, 2019

Yuchai: Holding 100 Billion Billions of Ideals with Excellent R&D Teams

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group now has more than 30 wholly-owned, controlled, and equity-holding subsidiaries and employs 20,000 people. In 2010, Yuchai Group's total assets reached 25.1 billion yuan, which was hailed as "China's green power capital". It is the most comprehensive internal combustion engine manufacturing base in China and the most complete medium and small-sized full-hydraulic excavator manufacturer in China. . Yuchai, as a leading company in Yulin City, has continuously introduced technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, leading the industry technology trend. Yuchai Group has become the first choice for doctors to participate in social practice.

Since June 2011, four doctoral students from Tsinghua University have come to Yuchai Group to conduct a 42-day social practice. Among them, the automotive engineering department doctoral graduates Qi Yunliang and Yan Wenbo’s practical projects are “Engine Design Development” and “Complete Vehicle Development”. Huang Gao, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Automation, and Ph.D. candidate Zhao Feng in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronic Technology jointly completed the practical project. "Hydraulic Excavator Electronic Control System Control Program Programming".

"My topic is to design and develop engines for energy conservation and emission reduction." Qi Yunliang said that in order to save energy, the automotive industry has been working hard to improve product design in recent years. However, energy conservation is a systematic project. At least the design should consider whether the engine is more fuel efficient; whether the driveline matching is more reasonable; whether the drag coefficient is low; and whether the vehicle's weight can continue to be reduced while maintaining the strength, and based on The characteristics of different vehicles are focused on energy conservation research and development. In this social practice, what he did was the problem of high smoke in a low-speed engine. Through various investigations, he analyzed the cause of the problem, initially found a solution to the problem, and was designing an experimental scheme for the subject. . If the test is successful, the test results will be able to effectively solve the problem of high smoke levels in certain engines at low speeds.

“In Yuchai’s social practice, we conducted a detailed investigation of Yuchai Group, visited and visited various workshop projects, fully understand the current status of Chinese engine companies, the overall industry development trend, and the operation status of Yuchai Group. , future development plans, etc. With a strong product chain and advantageous industrial sectors, Yuchai has been making every effort to build strong scientific research strength, and every year, the company has grown at an average annual rate of more than 30%. In 2010, Yuchai Group stepped into 30 billion for the first time. The ranks of the Yuan enterprises have set a new historical record, and they have provided a solid foundation and guarantee for the '12th Five-Year Plan' to create '100 billion Yuan Yuchai'." Doctoral students at Tsinghua University told reporters when they were about to end their social practice. The impression that he participated in Yuchai’s participation in practical activities: “While feeling the strong corporate culture of Yuchai Group, Yuchai’s leading colleagues gave us a lot of help in working life, and we were deeply touched. After more than a month In social practice, we have learned a lot of knowledge at work and have achieved 'long knowledge, long-term talent, and contribution'. We also hope that we will be in Yuchai's practice period. Can make some meager contributions to Yuchai."

“With the participation of doctoral students at Tsinghua University, our technical strength has been further strengthened. The research and development of the engine design and development of energy-saving and emission reduction, the complete vehicle supporting development, and the control program of hydraulic excavator electronic control system are programmed. The results will play an active role in the launch of Yuchai's machine production products on the market.” Huang Chaofu from the human resources department of Yuchai Group evaluated four doctors in Yuchai’s social practice activities and highly praised their basic knowledge. Solid, good at learning, easy-going, and not afraid of being dirty and tiring, can make progress together with Yuchai employees, help build the confidence of employees in the future development of the company, and encourage them to work harder.

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