April 05, 2020

China will accelerate the mechanization of corn harvesting

In order to solve the problem of low mechanization level in China's corn harvesting sector, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Notification on Accelerating the Advancement of Corn Production Mechanization" on August 6th, requiring all localities to focus on improving the corn harvester level and accelerate the advancement of corn mechanization.

According to the data from the Ministry of Agriculture, at present, the mechanization of corn farming and sowing has been basically solved. The level of corn farming in the country is 84%, and the level of machine seeding is 73%. However, due to factors such as insufficient quality of corn harvester products, higher product prices, and lack of matching of agronomy and agricultural machinery, the mechanization level of the harvesting segment of maize with a large amount of labor is only 17%, which is the weakest link in corn and even food production mechanization.

The notice pointed out that according to the State Council’s goal of achieving 50% corn harvest by 2020, research and development will be carried out in stages and sub-regional development plans to suit local conditions, guidance for classification, highlighting priorities, and promoting gradients. We must speed up the development of corn harvest mechanization in the Huang-Huai-Hai and the Northeast, and do everything possible to raise the corn harvest to a new level.

By 2015, the corn harvesting levels in Shandong and Henan will strive to reach 80%, Hebei will strive to reach more than 50%, and Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang will strive to achieve more than 50%. Other provinces and regions will also put forward the target requirements and strive to achieve breakthroughs in new progress. All localities will find out the status of corn harvest mechanization, analyze the current bottlenecks that constrain development, and propose solutions. The major provinces and regions where corn is produced will establish a responsibility system and implement the goals and tasks. Shandong, Henan, and various regions will strive to take the lead in realizing the full mechanization of corn production.

In addition, it will give full play to the guiding role of the subsidy policy for agricultural machinery purchases, tilt the subsidy funds arrangement to the main corn producing areas, give priority to subsidies for corn harvesters, straw returning machines, and no-tillage planters, and actively strive to increase local finances. Support efforts should be made to properly accumulate subsidies for corn harvesting machinery and appropriately increase the subsidy standards. At the same time, organize the implementation of conservation tillage projects, and vigorously promote precision seeding, no-tillage sowing and straw return. We will strive to increase subsidies for the implementation of machinery deep loosening in the main maize production areas. We will actively implement projects to promote agricultural mechanization and strengthen the construction of public services such as the promotion of agricultural mechanization and safety supervision, as well as the construction of infrastructure such as yard sheds and machine farms.

At the same time, we continued to upgrade the quality and technical level of our machines and continued to develop key technologies and equipment for maize harvesting that meet the requirements of different regions. We have also promoted continuous upgrading of corn harvesting mechanization technology and improved quality. Actively carry out projects such as "Research and demonstration of optimization of corn mechanized production technology and equipment systems" and "Research and demonstration of key technologies for the rotation of wheat and corn in the Huang-Huai-Hai region." Strengthen the quality supervision of corn harvesting machinery, regularly announce the quality status to the public, and actively recommend to farmers the advanced and applicable technology, mature technology, safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, and service corn harvester.

The notice pointed out that the standardization of maize production will be vigorously promoted, a working mechanism for the integration of agronomy and agronomy will be established and improved, and the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of corn harvest mechanization will be solved as a whole. Promote standardization and large-scale planting of maize, and in a certain area, unify varieties and planting patterns to create conditions for mechanical harvesting. To study and formulate standards and specifications for mechanized harvesting of corn, and to determine the technical route and suitable models for mechanized corn harvesting according to local conditions.

The notice also proposes to continue to carry out demonstration and promotion and machine training, seriously implement demonstration projects of major crop production mechanization, further expand the scope of implementation and the scale of funds, increase the demonstration of full mechanization demonstration of corn, and further increase the level of corn harvester social service, increase Supporting efforts should be made to speed up the development of agricultural machinery cooperatives and large agricultural machinery and improve the organization of corn production machinery operations.

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