April 05, 2020

Drivers, do you have these "dangerous goods" in your car?

When we regularly maintain our cars, we not only maintain some parts of the vehicles, including the interior of the cab. We will not miss it. Maintenance is one thing, but the small details are not handled properly, even if the vehicle is maintained. Good will also hide large security risks. In the summer, we must pay more attention to the details of vehicle maintenance. In particular, the drivers of tankers and dangerous goods vehicles must check whether there are any such items in the cab before proceeding.


1. Lighter, hair spray, carbonated soda,

Many drivers have the habit of smoking, which is also harmless, after all, long-distance driving is also relatively tired, it is normal to take a break to smoke and refresh the rest , but some drivers just throw cigarette lighters to the center console after finishing the cigarette smoothly. It is very dangerous, the summer is hot, the gas in the disposable lighter will be heated to expand, and the plastic shell will explode due to heat. If it is in contact with some flammable substances in the car, it is very easy to cause fire and the consequences are unthinkable.

2. Reading glasses and magnifying glass

These mirrors can focus the light and cause the focus temperature to rise. If the light is focused for a long time, resulting in excessive temperature, in addition to speeding up the interior aging, it may seriously damage the plastic trim inside the car, so it is best to put these Items that are easy to focus on light are cleared out.

3. Mineral water

Nowadays, many people like to place mineral water in the car to solve the thirst problem in the car. This is also more convenient. Indeed, the trouble is solved. However, putting bottled water in the car in the summer is very unfavorable to human health. The bottle used for water is a polyester bottle. Polyester bottles may often contain bisphenol A and other substances that cause chronic poisoning in the human body to change at high temperatures, causing more harmful substances to infiltrate into the water and become a health hazard.

After the editorial: usually some of the habits can sometimes cause great hidden dangers, traffic safety is indeed inextricably linked with our usual habits, this is to remind owners to carefully check the vehicle before starting, processing Small details.

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