April 02, 2020

How to solve the problem of poor cooling of the engine

In the case of poor heat dissipation, the air conditioning system and the engine of the washing machine on weekdays cause excessive water temperatures and may cause the following types of failures:

1. If the sweeper is stuck for a long time or if it is idling for a long time, then the generator's water temperature meter will be displayed too high, and the time spent by the electronic fan making the high speed gear is too long. The noise of the sweeper's formula is too high. It will increase, and the most obvious is the failure of air conditioning when the temperature is too high.

2. When the air temperature is too high and the air-conditioner is turned on, the idling speed is unstable, the speed fluctuation will be too large, the rapid acceleration will be weak, and the engine of the sweeper will have abnormal vibration.

3. After the hot car is turned off for ten minutes, the cleaning car will not be easy to start the car again. When the hot train is running, sometimes it will automatically turn off.

4. At the time of the cable car, the temperature of the air conditioning and cooling will be very cool, but the effect of cooling in the hot car will not be so obvious, and the air conditioning system will have a relatively loud buzzing sound.


1, need to check whether there is too much dust between the water tank and the condenser, you can use high pressure gas to carry out thorough cleaning, this can ensure that the condenser and the water tank have a good heat dissipation effect. During routine maintenance, dust between the tank and the condenser can often be wiped off.

2. When the sweeper is in the hot car, you can check the temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes of the lower tank. If the temperature difference is too large, you need to check the opening of the thermostat and whether the water pump has lost its rotation speed. Situation.

3. After the hot car, you can check how the backwater of the return pipe above the antifreeze storage tank is. If the return water situation is not very smooth or there is a blockage, the water temperature is too high. In the course of maintenance, it is not possible to blindly change and dismantle parts.

4. If the antifreeze of the cleaning vehicle is not standardized in the process of adding, then it will cause the engine's water tank and sleeping to block in advance, and the water temperature will be too high. The antifreeze needs to be replaced once in two years, and the original manufacturer's accessories are used after the replacement and addition. After the engine cooling system of the sweeper enters the water, or the concentration of antifreeze added exceeds 60%, the water temperature will be too high. (Text / Sun Ni)

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