April 05, 2020

Why does the sun wiper stand up in summer?

The hot summer arrives. Sometimes, in the afternoon of sunshine, I believe you will see that many vehicles parked on the side of the road will always set up the wipers. Maybe some owners feel a little strange, why should we put up the wipers? In fact, this is a very smart approach. Because it can protect your rain! Why is it? Today, the master came to answer everyone!

Exposure can easily lead to aging of the wiper. In the hot summer days, the sun shields the glass before the sun exposure. The wiper is attached to the glass. The temperature of the car glass is very high, and the heat dissipation is slow. The wiper does not stand up and the rubber is always in close contact with the glass. In contact, it can easily be deformed over time. If you stand up, the rubber will not come in contact with the glass. It will not be deformed by the sun alone, and it will reduce the age of the wiper. The rubber on the car wiper, the high temperature burst, the 鸾 鸾 ? ? 菀 菀 菀 绻 绻 绻 绻 H 绻 ┍湫 ┍湫 ┍湫 ┍湫 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎 芎Defend Yan Yan 17. (2) 鹄矗 涫 涫 桓鍪 桓鍪 桓鍪 桓鍪 桓鍪 桓鍪 桓鍪 执 执 执 执 执 执 执 执 执 执 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂粝 粝古┥??br />
Many people think that the maintenance of the wiper is insignificant. Indeed, the wiper is only a small part and the price is cheap. But when it is raining, it's meritorious! Therefore, in daily life, pay more attention to the maintenance of the wiper. For example, such a small move to avoid exposure, do not spend time at all costs, why not do it!

The master attached the wiper maintenance tips for everyday use. Although the sun is large in summer, it is also a rainy season. Therefore, we should do a good job of maintenance of the wipers, so that it can be used at a crucial moment!

1. Regular cleaning of glass The sand, dust, bird droppings, etc. that are stuck on the glass will cause extra abrasion when the wiper works normally. Therefore, regular cleaning of the dirt on the cleaning glass can extend the life of the wiper blade.

2, to avoid the use of dry wiper dry wipe the premise is of course to use in the case of rain, dry wiper will cause wiper wiper rubber wiper and motor damage.

3. The proper use of the wiper is to scrape raindrops on the glass when it rains, creating a clear sight line for driving. In the beginning of rain or when the rain is particularly small, it is not enough to affect the driver's sight. You can not open the wiper first.

4, the use of water sandpaper When the wiper wiper poor, try the following methods to see if it can regain its youth: first wiper wiper and windscreen separation, soaking the wiper blade with water, with 800 water sandpaper Wiper blades 4-5 times back and forth, then rinse with clean water and put it back into the windshield. The principle of this method is mainly to use water sandpaper to wipe off the wiper blade due to the small deformation caused by dust, cold and warm temperature changes.

5, daily inspection Daily inspection of the wiper method is very simple, spray some cleaning fluid, start the wiper, pay attention to whether its movement is smooth, listen to whether there is a loud voice, if any, it means that the wiper excessive pressure Glass must be properly adjusted. When the squeegee sweeps one or two times, see if there is moisture left on the windshield, and then see if it will leave some scratches. If it is obvious to see the scratches, it means the scratch on the wiper. Water strips have aged.

In general, it is best to replace the rubber strips once a year. Rainy cities or badly used ones can be replaced twice a year. The timely removal of wiper faults and the replacement of the old wiper blades are important conditions for the safety of traffic.

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