April 05, 2020

FAW Jiefang Xichai's production and sales exceeded 400,000 units in 2010, developing high-end power

In 2010, FAW Xichai achieved a production and sales volume of more than 400,000 units. The impressive performance not only reflects Xichai's keen grasp of opportunities, but also reflects Xichai's insistence on developing independent technologies and building national brands and high-end power.

The eight-country IV series of products adopts two high-voltage common rail + SCR and high-pressure common rail + EGR + POC (traffic particle trap) two national IV technical routes to carry out independent research and development, the new technology, reference in the medium and heavy commercial vehicles Electronically controlled cooling EGR technology to achieve the national IV emissions, is an innovation, this is the appraisal comment given by experts at FAW's CA6DN, CA6DM, CA4/6DL, and CA4/6DF IV Series Diesel Engines recently held by FAW Jiefang Company Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory. . This Xichai has eight national IV series products passed the provincial new product appraisal in Jiangsu Province and the scientific and technological achievements appraisal in Wuxi City.

If Xichai was concerned in the previous years, it was mainly because it developed the first four-valve heavy-duty diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights in China. Today, Xichai is concerned about by the industry, more because of its continuous innovation capability. After the successful development of Aowei engines, Xichai has successively developed 13-liter and 11-liter engines, forming Aowei 7-liter, 8-liter, 9-liter, 11-liter and 13-liter heavy-duty engine series. The Xixi International IV platform has expanded to six series and has a wider power range. Xiecha Aowei series of upgraded products have exceeded 200,000 units in several years.

FAW Xichai State IV series products are newly developed, with highly efficient clean combustion systems and advanced post-discharge treatment devices, which can effectively remove nitrogen oxide emissions from exhaust gases. Compared with similar products, the major performance indicators of the products are at the international advanced level. The self-developed China IV diesel engine developed by Xichai using the intelligent motor-driven hot-end EGR system not only solves the technical problems of applying the hot-side EGR valve system to medium- and heavy-duty commercial diesel engines, but also obtains the control mechanism for the EGR valve of the diesel engine hot-side layout. Two utility model patents such as two-way Butterfly Valve structure. At the same time, the independently developed Aowei 11 liters CA6DM engine also possesses 3 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. Its power, economy and reliability are in the leading position in the domestic same power level products.

FAW Xichai State IV series products rely on outstanding advantages such as environmental protection, reliability, and fuel economy, and their reputation and market influence continue to rise. Not long ago, 78 Suzhou-based Jinlong buses equipped with Xichai Aowei’s CA6DL1-26E4 State IV engine entered Shenzhen Bus Group, 118 buses equipped with Xichai Aowei CA6DL1-26E4 and Aowei CA6DL1-26E4 National IV engines. Xiamen Jinlong Bus also entered the Nanjing Public Transport System one after another. All indications indicate that the IV series engine independently developed by Xichai has not only become a strong support for the development of the liberation series, but has also become the first choice for public transport in green cities.

FAW Xichai has the leading technology of natural gas engines with completely independent intellectual property rights. Its power is almost the same as that of diesel engines, and it has achieved zero emission of carbon soot. Under the background of developing low-carbon economy today, it has attracted more attention and sought after. The fully upgraded Xicai IV series natural gas engine is integrated into the latest international design concepts. Each optimized design aims at low carbon and makes the products more competitive. At present, Xichai has successfully developed dozens of new models of natural gas engines whose series of emissions have reached the national IV standard, and their performance exceeds that of similar products. With a batch of batches of buses equipped with Xichai natural gas engines unveiled in the market, the low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly engines of Xichai natural gas have received favorable reviews. In 2010, the number of repeat customers increased, and the number of new customers' orders was also rising. Xichai's natural gas engine orders have bus customers in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shandong, Ma'anshan and other places, all of which are large in volume. At present, Xichai is making every effort to work overtime and build up production at full capacity.

In 2010, Xichai increased its investment in independent research and development of natural gas engines, and made breakthroughs in the development of clean energy products. The 368kW CA6DN1CA6DN1-50E5 engine with national V emissions jointly designed and developed by Xichai and FAW Technology Center was also in tin in September 2010. Chai completed trial production and became the largest natural gas engine in China. The engine serves as the ultimate power source for the J6 liberation, with a power of 368 kW and emissions reaching the national V level. The SCR technology route and the new generation of Bosch's electronically controlled common rail system continue the excellent economy, long life, and high reliability of the Xicchem. Features. It not only fills the gap in the industry of high-power natural gas engines of 294 kW or more in China, but also marks that Xichai has gradually integrated itself with international standards in the development of high-power natural gas engines. At the same time, the successful development of the CA6SN1-42E4N2 natural gas engine enabled Xichai natural gas engines to achieve a full range of coverage. Many cities nowadays use Xichai's natural gas engines as their first choice, Shenzhen Bus, Nanjing Bus, Shandong Dongying Bus, Shandong Binzhou Bus, Maanshan Zhongbei Bus, Sichuan Chengdu BRT Bus, Luzhou Bus, Jiangyin Bus, Shenyang Bus, Shijiazhuang Bus, Passenger bus companies such as Changzhou Bus and Zhengzhou Passenger Transport Group have successively selected Xichai natural gas series engines.

Taking the national brand and the development path of high-end power and forming a new competitive advantage based on technological progress, it is precisely the mystery that FAW has liberated itself from the development of independent research and development.

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