April 05, 2020

Geophysical company node seismic instrument developed and put into production

[ China Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the geophysical company issued the first batch of 2000 manufacturing tasks for node instruments, marking the successful development of node instruments with independent intellectual property rights and joining the mass production stage.

Seismic instruments are the core equipment for geophysical acquisition. With the popularization of three-dimensional exploration, the exploration accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, and the acquisition accuracy of digital seismographs is put forward higher, and the number of receiving channels is also increasing. The structure of the wired seismograph has become a bottleneck that hinders the further development of the seismograph, and the independent node seismic instrument has achieved rapid development.
Beginning in 2015, Geophysical Corporation began research on the “Seismic Exploration Cable-free Autonomous Acquisition System” project. After three years of exploration, the project formed five technological innovations and declared six national invention patents, which was successful on September 27, 2018. Passed the acceptance.
Compared with foreign node instruments, geophysical company developed a node seismograph function that is more abundant and more suitable for quality monitoring needs. The main technologies and performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, filling the gap of Sinopec Group's high-end core acquisition equipment.
In addition, the successfully developed node instruments have been applied to the eastern plains, western mountain oil and gas exploration and Chengdu urban space survey shallow engineering exploration, and the deep seismic geological engineering exploration project in Inner Mongolia, saving construction costs, improving construction efficiency and reducing A security risk and good application results.
The geophysical company launched the mass production of the first batch of 2000-node instruments, marking the development and production of core seismic instruments with Sinopec's independent intellectual property rights. It has entered a new stage for geophysical companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and upgrade. It is of great significance to realize the extension of the industrial chain to the R&D and manufacturing of equipment, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and cultivate a series of geophysical acquisition equipment and service technologies with unique characteristics of Sinopec.
(Source: Sinopec News Network, Science and Technology Daily, Hebei Coalfield Physical Testing Team)


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