April 02, 2020

Guosan New Machine welcomes the first summer test service

"Farmers Daily" (06 June 2016 05 edition) reported:

On May 25th, Houzhuang, Tongzhaipu Town, Tanghe County, Henan Province, golden wheat, harvest is in sight. The mechanized centralized display activities of the main crops in Tanghe County were held here. The new harvesters, plant protection drones, rotary tillers and planters took turns to add a touch of color to this summer's harvest. 10 new wheat harvesters, 10 minutes, 150 acres of wheat fields harvested, grain bags sent to the town's grain depot, the ground is clean. The peasants sighed: "There is no need to worry about straw."


Guosan wheat harvester debut optimistic

The main model of the harvester used on site is the TB70 new duplex wheat harvester launched by Zoomlion this year. According to the staff, the machine is equipped with straw returning equipment. The wheat straw can be crushed into 5~10 cm long, which will not affect the corn sowing. It can also be kept on the surface to keep water and fertilizer. The straw can be bundled with this type. The machine is 120 cm long, 45 cm wide and 30 cm high. The wheat bales tied by two plastic ropes are spit out from the left side of the rear crawler.

“It is worth mentioning that the Guwang TB70 is also equipped with a new harvester that meets the national three-emission engine.” Liu Hongyan, deputy general manager of Zoomlion’s agricultural machinery sector, said that the model’s National III engine is powered. Control unit pump + PTO advanced microcomputer control technology, strong torque adaptability, pollutant emissions reduced by 40%, 7 kg of feed capacity to increase operating efficiency by more than 30%. The product has good machine matching and is suitable for wet wheat harvesting, and the operation time is extended by two hours. This year, the aircraft has been mass-produced more than 1,000 units, mainly in the Central Plains wheat production area, Xinjiang and the Northeast market. Since the Sanxia operation, the single-machine harvest has the largest number of acres exceeding 1,000 mu. From the current performance of wheat harvesting operations, the performance is relatively stable, and the stability of continuous operation under high-intensity working conditions needs to be verified by the whole wheat harvest period this year. However, due to the fact that the cost of the national engine is 10,000 yuan/set higher than that of the national engine, it is recommended that the next purchase subsidy policy will be tilted to the third engine of the country, guiding the market and users, and promoting the industry towards green environmental protection. development of.

Wheat harvester market is not optimistic

However, the entire wheat harvester market is slightly deserted compared to the hot wheat harvest. Some experts predict that the decline of the wheat harvester market this year may reach more than 15%.

There are many reasons for this situation. After 12 years of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the traditional wheat harvester market has a large quantity, and the market has changed from “incremental demand” to “renewed demand”. Efficient and reliable products are welcomed; large grain farmers, farmers, large The number of purchase groups represented by agricultural machinery cooperatives is increasing, and the number of purchase groups represented by retail investors is declining, affecting market sales.

The increase in the purchase cost of the whole machine brought by the switch of Guosan is about 10%. For the users, this part of the investment is too large, which affects the enthusiasm of some users. The reduction of the quota for the purchase of single-machine purchases varies from place to place. Basically maintained at 10% to 15%, it also affects the user's purchasing power; the decline in food prices in 2015, causing farmers to control the cost of crop harvesting, will affect the operator's expected operating income to some extent.

"In this case, the sales volume of Zoomlion Guwang wheat machine has increased against the market, and the current sales have increased by 20% year-on-year." Liu Hongyan said that this year, Zoomlion launched the wangwang TB60 and upgraded products TB70 and TC80, covering 140~160 horsepower, the product operation efficiency has increased by more than 15%, and it has been welcomed by the new agricultural management entities, and the market trend is promising. Moreover, it also uses innovative means such as "Internet + agricultural machinery intelligent service platform" to meet user needs and protect user income.

Online + offline summer service is more home

In the summer harvest process, combined with mobile Internet, big data and other information technology, Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery integrated the original ERP, DMS, call center and other information systems, and developed an intelligent agricultural machinery service platform. Through the innovative means of informationization, a new mode of agricultural machinery intelligent service that is convenient, accurate and transparent has been realized.

According to reports, Zoomlion promotes the WeChat service number of the “Zhonglian Heavy Industry Agricultural Machinery Service Platform” as the customer portal, and the WeChat enterprise number as the service business mobile application of the internal business channel, and the operation related to the service and accessory business from the PC side. It has been transplanted to the mobile phone, enabling enterprise service personnel and dealer service personnel to provide accurate and timely services around the customer's needs anytime and anywhere.

“In order to help the operator to use the WeChat method for service application conveniently and quickly, we are promoting a signboard with the enterprise service number and the whole machine QR code at the same time, so that the operator can scan through the code and enter a small amount of information, that is, the information. Quick registration.” Manager Chen Jin of Zhonglian Heavy Industry Agricultural Machinery Information Department said that once the service support is needed, the operator only needs to select “one-click repair”, and the current position and equipment of the operator can be obtained intelligently. And automatically transferred to the call center in the background, to send workers, to avoid the communication inefficiency and information distortion during the 400 telephone repair, to achieve the speed, accuracy and convenience of the repair process.

In addition to adopting the innovative service model of Internet + agricultural intelligent service platform, during the summer of this year, Zoomlion sent professional service engineers and waiters to track the users across the area from south to north according to the operation sequence; all in the wheat growing area The service stations have signed the national joint guarantee commitment; continue to follow the main route of the cross-regional operation, and use the service through train with six functions of “remote diagnosis, information service, training consultation, accessory support, maintenance service, and grab support” to implement direct communication. Field, precise, efficient and professional service.

Agricultural and enterprise cooperation to promote the entire process of mechanization

The country has clearly established 500 or more basic mechanization demonstration zones (counties) in 2020. The purpose is to create a model and create a model to quickly promote the mechanization of the main grain and economic crop production areas.

“Zhonglian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a comprehensive solution service provider for agricultural production mechanization.” Liu Hongyan said that in the whole process of mechanization of wheat, corn, rice, rapeseed and other major crops, it has developed to cover ploughing, planting, harvesting, plant protection and drying. The series of agricultural machinery products in the production process such as dry and straw treatment, through the product technology innovation and service model innovation, have achieved a good chain of links between agricultural production, and are exploring a set of operation modes suitable for the whole process of domestic agricultural production mechanization.

At present, Zoomlion has jointly established a mechanized demonstration county for agricultural production with Tanghe County, Henan Province. It is estimated that in 2016, Zoomlion will build seven mechanized demonstration counties in Anhui, Hunan, Henan, Jilin and Guangxi.

In the future, relying on the advantages of Zoomlion's leading technology, management and products in the field of agricultural equipment, combined with the actual development needs of agricultural production in each county, “tailor-made” mechanized solutions for agricultural production. It will not only help to improve the overall agricultural mechanization service level of the counties, but also provide new assistance for the development of local modern agriculture. At the same time, it will also explore new development models, improve the short-term production of agricultural production links, and provide demonstration samples for the whole process of mechanization of agricultural production in China.


Zoomlion staff teaches the "one-button repair" in the post-Wangzhuang wheat harvest field (this article comes from Zoomlion)

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