April 05, 2020

· Michelin displays a variety of agricultural tires in the Northeast

On May 25th, 2016 Michelin agricultural tire product performance demonstration will be held in Heilongjiang Province.

Michelin has demonstrated a number of innovative agricultural tire products, including radial tires and ultra-low pressure technology tires.

Comparative tests have shown that agricultural machinery using traditional bias tires can cause a soil compaction of 20 cm and a fuel consumption of 75 cm.

The Michelin radial tires and ultra-low pressure technical tires have 16cm and 12cm in soil compaction degree respectively, and 65cm and 60.5cm in fuel consumption, respectively.

For farmers using high-horsepower agricultural machinery, soil compaction and high fuel consumption are two major problems.

The ultra-low pressure technology was invented by Michelin in 2003. It gives the tire a larger ground contact area and lower tire pressure, which is more conducive to soil protection.

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