March 26, 2019

Hengtong Bus Shines Overseas

Hengtong Bus Shines Overseas On October 14-19, 2010, the 108th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou. In the vehicle and its Spare Parts trading area, Hengtong buses, as front-runners of China's gas buses and experts in bus transportation solutions, have received widespread attention from merchants from all countries.

The Hengtong Bus Showcase includes: New Road Van - CKZ6127CH3 and Bus - Urban Baby CKZ6722H3; New Veyron CKZ6127CH3 wins the majority of merchants with its stylish appearance, extraordinary temperament and luxurious interiors. Eyeballs; and urban baby CKZ6722H3 because of its outstanding characteristics of a low-lying floor structure, causing the great interest of all major merchants, while excellent control, safety and economical, the perfect combination of applicability, but also get the merchant's praise . In addition, models such as the CKZ6605D and CKZ6136HD have also received attention from overseas customers. Only five days of participation, Hengtong company staff received a total of more than 100 merchants from South America, Africa and the Middle East. In the field, orders were signed with customers in Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Costa Rica. The turnover was nearly 10 million yuan. As of October 23, customers from Costa Rica, Fiji and Saudi Arabia have come to visit the factory to understand the specific features of the models and negotiate the purchase. At the same time, customers from Egypt, Peru, Algeria and Malawi will visit the factory in the near future.

Under the large-scale environment of passenger car exports, Hengtong Bus adheres to the brand concept of “professional value creation”, exerts its own profound history and strong technical advantages in passenger car manufacturing, and maintains a good export momentum. It aims to stabilize the existing market while further expanding the territory of the export market; orders from the Canton Fair fully prove the success of Hengtong's strategy and tactics in overseas markets.

At the end of the 108th Canton Fair, Hengtong Buses once again demonstrated to the world the glorious achievements of its export products; with the ever-increasing export volume, we have every reason to believe that Hengtong Buses will shine with outstanding performance and professionalism. In every corner of the global village. This also truly realizes the company's vision of "going a long-term, universal access".

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