April 05, 2020

NYSE exchange rate continues to rise on the 2nd

Xinhuanet New York, Dec. 2 (Reporter Ji Zhenyu) Affected by the European Central Bank’s purchase of government bonds in the market, the exchange rate of the Euro against the US dollar continued to rise on the 2nd of the New York foreign exchange market, and the exchange rate of the US dollar against other major currencies was mixed.

According to sources, the European Central Bank bought Portuguese and Irish government bonds in the market. European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said that the European Central Bank’s national debt purchase plan is the best way to transmit monetary policy in the current situation, and stressed that the purchase of government bonds is essentially It is a temporary act.

Unlike the new round of quantitative easing monetary policy of the United States, the European Central Bank also partially recovers the liquidity released to the market by buying government bonds through corresponding hedging operations to avoid further devaluation due to the spread of the euro in the market.

Thanks to this factor, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar rose to more than 1 to 1.31 during the trading hours of the day and exceeded 1 to 1.32 during the evening trading hours.

As of the end of the trading day in New York City, the dollar exchanged 1.3141 US dollars, higher than the previous trading day of 1.3012 US dollars; 1 British pound exchanged for 1.5627 US dollars, higher than the previous trading day of 1.5580 US dollars; 1 US dollar for 84.19 yen, higher than the previous transaction The day's 83.66 yen; 1 US dollar to 1.007 Swiss francs, lower than the previous trading day of 1.027 Swiss francs; 1 US dollar to 1.016 Canadian dollars, lower than the previous trading day of 1.0247 Canadian dollars.

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