February 21, 2020

Progress of Laser Induced Graphene Electrode Technology

Scientists at Rice University in the United States have invented laser-induced graphene (LIG) for use in supercapacitors and have now found a way to make spongy graphene superhydrophobic or superhydrophilic.

Recently, James Tour's Rice University laboratory used laser to burn some flexible polyimide sheets in the open air to obtain interconnected graphene sheets. However, placing the polymer in a closed environment with different gases will change the different properties of the product.

Forming LIG in argon or hydrogen to make it superhydrophobic or water repellent is a very important and important feature for separating water from oil or de-icing surfaces. Forming it in oxygen or air gives it superhydrophilicity, or water absorption, making it highly soluble.

"Laboratory weight can also make graphene hydrophobic or hydrophilic, but typically involves multiple steps in a wet chemical or chemical vapor deposition process," Tour said. "We do this step by step with relatively inexpensive materials in a self-made cavity."

When labs found that LIGs were made in oxygen, the number of defects in the graphene flakes increased and they found that carbon rings of 5- and 7-atom travels, when used as electrode materials for micro-capacitors, their capacitance and performance Instead, it has been greatly improved!

Changes in gas chemical composition Even changes in the orientation of the laser grating pattern change the material, leading researchers to believe that the hydrophobic or lipophilicity of LIG can be adjusted.

They also found that when they scraped graphene from a hydrophilic polymer sheet and converted it into a film, the result was hydrophobic. "This led us to believe that the surface orientation of LIG's thin sheet is very much related to its reaction with water," Tour said. "It seems to be hydrophilic if the edges are more exposed; they are more hydrophobic if the basal surfaces are more exposed."

Tour said the surface type and chemical gases help to tune the material's performance. In fact, when they used sulfur / fluorine gas to make LIGs, they increased the superhydrophobicity of LIG to 160 degrees.

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