February 21, 2020

XCMG Tunnel Excavator Builds Yinxi High Speed ​​Rail

In the tunnel section of the tunnel section of the Gansu section of Yinxi High-speed Railway, a Xugong XE305D tunnel excavator is actively excavating the tunnel. The soil of the tunnel belongs to Grade IV hard soil in the Loess Plateau. The former mining method used by the construction party was very inefficient because of the high distance between the mining surface and the small area of ​​the arc surface.

XCMG Tunnel Excavator Builds Yinxi High Speed ​​Rail

In order to improve construction efficiency, XCMG digging machine deeply studied the construction conditions and construction methods, and adopted the XE305D excavator with greater digging force and wider excavation scope. The hard mining bucket was developed in a targeted manner, which greatly improved the excavation efficiency; Quick change implements, loose soil buckets and loading buckets can be easily switched, and at the same time combined with the configuration of multiple hammers, milling heads and other multi-tool pipelines, the user can directly switch the display with a single button, which improves the utility value and function of the equipment; Grade filter air filter system, effectively filtering air under heavy dust. At present, the car is working 20 hours a day on average and has been subjected to severe tests of dust and work intensity. It has increased construction efficiency by 50% and has effectively guaranteed the progress of the project.

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