February 21, 2020

Overview of waste gas treatment and utilization

Production of gold into the atmosphere pollution, mainly from the production of extractive gun smoke, dust, processed mineral ore crushing plant, dry screening, and Dry dust transfer process ore produced; flotation reagent flotation plant odor; roasting plant of sulfur dioxide, arsenic trioxide, smoke; amalgamation operations, the mercury vapor cyanidation process and gold ore produced Alchemy, H 2, HCN, H 2 S, CO 2 and harmful gas such as NO 2 And the waste ore of the pit and the dust of the tailings fly. In addition, the blasting in the mining and stripping production, the noise generated during the mechanical operation of the equipment such as crushing, screening and grinding of the concentrator.
In the production, the pollution of the mine can be controlled by spraying water, dustproof, wet operation, ventilation and dust removal, electrostatic dust removal, closed dust source, and suction and dust removal. The air pollution in the mine is caused by air pollution in the mine. The main manifestations are: (1) reduced oxygen content; (2) high carbon dioxide content; (3) poisoning deaths when toxic gases are severe; (4) dust leads to underground workers Suffering from silicosis; (5) Oxidation and spontaneous combustion of sulfide ore, producing a large amount of sulfur dioxide. The main treatment for air pollution in mines is ventilation.

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