May 26, 2020


It is a thioester type collector widely used at home and abroad, and the hydrocarbon group in the xanthogen molecule is substituted by an alkylamino group. The structure of thiamine is as follows:  



R — O — C


N — R ’  



    In the thiamine molecule, R linked to oxygen and R' linked to nitrogen may be the same alkyl group or different alkyl groups, and R" may be a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group. Ionic polar collector. The main application is ethionamide, which is synthesized from monochlorinated acid, isophthalic acid and ethylamine. It is an amber oil-soluble liquid which is slightly soluble in water. stirred tank or directly into the flotation machine. it is a good performance of the selected sulfide ore collector, with less of brass ore, the role of chalcocite collector and activated sphalerite stronger. it not float pyrite as a selective collector sorting copper, lead, zinc sulphide ore, lime can be suppressed to reduce the amount of pyrite used overseas sulfide ore flotation plant, use it instead xanthate, particularly copper sulfide flotation beneficiation plant, such as the United States code-named Z - agents 200, is the "O - isopropyl - N - ethyl carbamate by sulfur."

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