April 02, 2020

Safe driving tips

In recent years, there have been frequent accidents. Sometimes it is not only the personal safety that suffers from serious harm, it even has a very big influence on a whole family. Therefore, driving safety is a very important topic. The majority of vehicle owners should have high awareness. This article mainly wants to introduce readers to tips for safe driving, hoping to prevent some car accidents from happening.


First, although there are certain irrationalities in certain provisions of the traffic laws and regulations that have been revised at the moment, although there are certain difficulties in implementation, traffic regulations must be followed. If the vast majority of people can implement them, they will To a certain extent, creating a good driving environment can reduce the chance of traffic accidents.

Second, in the process of driving, we must strictly follow our own path. We must not retrograde and we must not take roads.

Third, in the process of driving, whether it is overtaking or going to the car or other traffic instructions, you need to use lights to give warning signals to other people. Be sure to play the lights strictly. The phenomenon of non-lighting occurs more frequently in the driving process of the old driver, and often the driver turns the corner without warning lights or overtaking. This is actually a very dangerous act. In addition, when driving at night, do not use the high beam for a long time, because it will affect the sight of the driver in front of the vehicle and greatly increase the risk of driving at night.


Fourth, driving in summer, because of the high temperature, it will often make drivers feel tired. Therefore, you can spare some coffee in your car. If you feel tired, you can choose to have a refreshing drink of coffee, or find a suitable place to stop and wait until you wake up. The risk of fatigue driving is much more serious than what ordinary people think, so driving must be done to ensure safety.

Fifth, in addition to traffic lights, in addition to observing the red light stop traffic rules, but also to look at the rear-view mirror before parking, to observe the distance between the rear and the car with the car, if the car is too close to their own brakes At the time, it may cause a rear-end collision.

Clutch Kit

Clutch kit includes Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc and clutch release bearing.

SYC Clutch has developed SET / KIT products for years, in order to provide various benefits for our customers.

Clutch kit

Function of the Clutch

  1. Function of transmitting the torque from the engine to the drivetrain.
  2. Smoothly deliver the power from the engine to enable smooth vehicle movement.
  3. Perform quietly and to reduce drive-related vibration.
  4. Protect the drivetrain when given the inappropriate use. Given the situation, the SYC clutch will fail when given the inappropriate use in turn to protect the rest of the drivetrain, similar to the function of an electric fuse.


Why replace the clutch as clutch kit?

1.    Improve durability. Reduce the cost of after sales.

2.    Better profit for All. Clutch Set / Clutch Kit product is expected to be more profitable for both distributors and drivers. Distributors can secure more sales by selling 3 components at a time while drivers can save their efforts by replacing the 3 components at on time.

3.    Enhanced Reliance. Clutch Kit includes all the clutch components including clutch cover, disc and bearing, customers can avoid any possible problem that could be caused by disharmony among parts manufactured by different makers.

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Clutch Kit

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