January 20, 2021

Sanjiang Logistics: There ISZ13 Sheng Kang feared "thousands of miles"

“Bai Li does not sell food, and does not sell food for thousands of miles,” is a sentence in “Historical Records and Biographies”. In layman's terms, it means that “there is no more than a hundred miles of trafficked wood and no more than a thousand miles of grain is trafficked”. The economic principle is that the huge cost of transportation costs will offset the commercial profits brought about by the difference in commodity prices.
Dongfeng Cummins 450 horsepower ISZ13 litre engine perfectly meets the user's high requirements

However, respecting economic laws does not mean sticking to the rules. Luzhou Sanjiang Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanjiang Logistics) does exactly what it takes to “sell business”.

The charm of high horsepower can not stop

“Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, a car's vegetable heart will be loaded in Zhengzhou; early in the morning, this car dish will arrive in Shenzhen, and then be sold to Hong Kong. After another lychee matures, it will be taken off the first day and the next day will arrive at the destination. Very good.” Ruan Zhengwei, chairman of Zhangzhou Sanjiang Logistics, told the China Truck Network reporter.

Nowadays, it is easy for us to buy food from thousands of miles away and enjoy it as a matter of convenience. How was the ancestors' "good words of gold and jade" rewritten?

As a well-known enterprise in the cold chain logistics industry, Sanjiang Logistics has established cold chain logistics lines in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Yinchuan, Lhasa and other regions. Refrigeration extends the shelf life of goods, and cold chain transport is the key. At present, more than 70 vehicles owned by Sanjiang Logistics are mainly Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles. Among them, 8 Tianlong flagship 6×4 tractors, which are responsible for the long-distance trunk line cold chain distribution, are all equipped with a 450-horsepower ISZ 13-liter engine from Dongfeng Cummins.

“When I chose this engine, no one around me had used such a powerful engine.” Yan Zhengwei, who dares to use fresh samples, said that the positioning of the vehicles is to run the Lhasa line. “Vehicles will also have altitude sickness at high altitudes. The power will drop, plus the road condition is not good, the little horsepower really does not work. The choice of 450 horsepower this time is also my attempt."

This is not the first time Zhai Zhengwei dared to take the lead. When 190 to 210 horsepower engines were commonly used in the market, Mou Zhengwei purchased the first 245-horsepower engines produced by Dongfeng Cummins; after that, he was the first to use 270 horsepower, 315 horsepower and 350 horsepower.

Zhangzhou Sanjiang Logistics Chairman Xie Zhengwei

Meet the high requirements of the cold chain

With the increase in engine power, cold chain logistics is constantly growing. On July 20, the Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, presided over the executive meeting of the State Council and deployed to promote Internet + logistics, which mentioned that "encouraging the development of cold-chain logistics." “The trend is coming, no one can stop. In our Henan Province, the sales of trucks have fallen this year, but the sales of cold-chained cars have continued to rise. Especially in the near future, there has been no increase in the number of refrigerated trucks on the market.” Zhai Zhengwei said.

"Cold-chain transportation requires highly efficient, energy-efficient, safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicles." The person in charge told the China Truck Network reporter: "For example, when we transport vegetables from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen, we must not only request refrigeration temperatures and transportation times, but also must consider Security, for example, poor road conditions in Tibet, very high demands on vehicles, if you can not deliver on time, it will affect our credibility."

The ISZ13L engine perfectly meets the high demands of users.

In terms of power, the engine can output high torque at low speeds, featuring fast starting, fast passing, and strong climbing ability. In terms of economy, in the words of Geng Zhengwei, “horsepower is not necessarily costly”, and the average fuel consumption of 32-34 litres per hundred kilometers makes him very satisfied. In terms of reliability, there are more than 60 items of reliability assurance design for the core components of the ISZ engine. The ISZ engine adopts an integral steel piston that can withstand greater in-cylinder combustion pressure. The surface of the connecting rod adopts powerful shot peening technology and tensile strength. Increase by 30%; use swing roller type tappet body, effectively reduce the impact on the valve and putter.

What is more satisfying for Zhai Zhengwei is the comprehensive performance of the engine. "The engine is energetic and runs fast. Using this vehicle can be shipped several hours ahead of the required time; even minor problems are small, and the usual service is not to go to the service station," he said. Reaction to open this batch of cars.

Sincerely earn loyalty

Services are equally important. “Especially in the northwest line, there are very few service stations in the northwest of some brands.” Zhai Zhengwei recalled: “In 2000, I followed the car to Qingyang, Gansu Province. At that time, some brand cars were broken, and the entire northwest did not sell this. The accessories (service station) did not even link to Xi'an. At last, the trustee could only come from Zhengzhou. In this way, one pull line waited for two days."

This "tough experience" has allowed Ms. Zeng to attach great importance to the service. “With Dongfeng Cummins for more than 10 years, I feel not only the quality of the products is good, but also the service is good. I understand imported cars, although the products are good, but the service can not keep up, and the road transport will have a lot to do with the service in the future. We are engaged in Is the service industry, the need for rapid and effective protection, especially the goods shipped is food, can not stay on the road. Dongkang service to keep up with, ahead of many manufacturers."

In addition to regular services, there are value-added services. During the operation of the vehicle, Sanjiang Logistics needs to monitor the vehicle position and the temperature of the container. Dongfeng Cummins owns Cummins C-Link, which can help Sanjiang logistics team leader grasp the real-time operation status of 8 Tianlong flagships on the mobile phone App, and provide real-time data support for the daily transportation management of the fleet.

“Let's say this, our development is closely linked to Dongfeng Cummins. Over the years, there are many brands that are 'untouchable' and I have not been tempted. In the future, I will continue to choose Dongkang and become a loyal user. "Zheng Zhengwei said.

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