March 30, 2020

The appearance of domineering, quality first-class FAW Qingdao welding V oil truck

As the name implies, a tanker is a vehicle used to transport oil materials. Tanks are generally made of sheet metal. As the tanker belongs to the dangerous goods transporter, the national policy has strict requirements on the production of all parts of the tanker. Xiaobian here for everyone to recommend the FAW Qingdao new welding V tanker from the Xigong Chu wins, Xigong Chu wins is a professional production tanker manufacturers. The quality of the tanker trucks produced by the company is strictly controlled, and the technology is mature and the appearance is exquisite. It is a factory for many customers to buy tankers.


FAW Qingdao's new welding V oil tanker can be used to transport diesel oil, kerosene, and gasoline. There are two options for the tank material: Q235 carbon steel or aluminum alloy. The tank is 23 cubic meters in volume. The car is equipped with a full set of European standard systems, under the loading port, with the chassis standard front brake, ABS, electronic speed limit, front exhaust. There is a fuel announcement to facilitate the user's operation certificate.


The top row of red cabs and cabs are spacious and luxurious in design. They are quickly catching up with the interior design of cars. In terms of appearance, the intake grille is a prominent part of the entire front face. Five rows of intake grille components inside the cab can be well cooled. The cab door handle black rubber is erected and the human-friendly design opens the door.


The total mass of Chu Sheng brand FAW Qingdao V-welding vehicle is 31 tons, and the overall quality is 12.6 tons. The rated load quality is 18.2 tons. The vehicle model is CSC5310GYYCA and the chassis model is CA1311P1K2L6T10BE4A80. The overall dimensions of the vehicle: 11200 × 2490 × 3300mm, wheelbase: 1900 + 4160 + 1350mm, with a steel wire for a radial tire, wear-resistant and durable. Authentic national diesel engine, the engine is produced by the First Automobile Group, model: BF6M1013-24E4, 245 horsepower.

There is a need to buy customers want to understand the details of the configuration, please click: FAW Qingdao new welding V truck evaluation "http://" or pull the car hotline manager Cao.

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