April 05, 2020

The price of goods - to liberate the new Dawei tractor straight down 7,000 yuan

Liberation of the new Granville as the FAW Qingdao Automobile Factory's "leader", since its listing with its stable quality and lower prices have been the trust of the majority of users. Today, we introduce to you an island Hengtuo Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. We got a promotional message from New Delhi. Let's take a look!

The new Dawei tractors featured new Daweigao floors, high-height surrounding interiors, full floating skylights, and a 150mm long cab; the engine was equipped with Xichai CA6DM2-37E3F engine, and the maximum capacity was 370 horsepower. Emission standards; equipped with a 12-speed gearbox model 12JSD180A; select the 457 rear axle with a 4.111 speed ratio.

● Postscript

The new Dawei has a good value for money. It can be said that it is "affordable" and there is not much room for "diving" in price. This time, the dealer gave a profit of RMB 07,000. A friend in need can think of it!

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