April 24, 2019

Principles and advantages of microwave drying equipment

The principle of microwave heating

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 300 MHz. The water molecules in the heated medium material are polar molecules. Under the action of rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic fields, its polarity orientation will change with the change of the external electric field, causing molecular motion and mutual friction effects. At this point, the field energy of the microwave field is converted into heat energy in the medium, so that the temperature of the material rises, and a series of physicochemical processes such as heating and expansion occur to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.

Microwave heating main features

Rapid heating by microwave is completely different from traditional heating. It is a process in which the heated material itself becomes a heating element and does not require heat conduction. Therefore, even though it is a material with poor thermal conductivity, the heating temperature can be reached in a very short time.

Even heating regardless of the shape of the parts of the object, microwave heating can make the surface of the object evenly penetrate the electromagnetic wave and generate heat energy. Therefore, the uniformity of heating is good and there will be no external coke intrinsic phenomenon.

Energy-saving and efficient Since moisture-containing substances easily absorb microwaves and generate heat, there is almost no loss other than a small amount of transmission loss. Therefore, high thermal efficiency and energy saving. It is more than 1/3 energy saving than infrared heating.

The advanced technology enables immediate heating and termination as long as the microwave power is controlled. Man-machine interface and PLC can be used for heating process and heating. Process specification programmable automation control.

Safe and harmless Because the microwave energy is controlled to work in the heating chamber and waveguide made of metal, there is little microwave leakage, no radiation hazard and harmful gas emission, no waste heat and dust pollution, no pollution to food and no pollution surroundings.

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