July 21, 2019

Voith Hydraulic Retarder enters the Chinese truck market to reduce fuel consumption and ensure safety

A few days ago, Voith Turbo Tech. Germany signed an agreement with the Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Shaanxi Heavy-duty Truck Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Auto Trucks tried to install Voith's new hydraulic retarder, which opened up Voith's many well-known OEMs. Manufacturers to enter the curtain of China's truck retarder market.

As early as two years ago, Voith had adapted the product to Shaanqi and sold it to the South African market. The Voith VR133-2 retarder was assembled. In fact, Voith Turbo retarder was assembled on the well-known truck manufacturer CA4180P66 three years ago, and completed winter and summer road tests, and achieved very good results. South Africa's Mercedes-Benz company has tested and used 205 km long-haul cargo from Johannesburg, South Africa to Durban, for example. Heavy-duty trucks equipped with Voith's hydraulic retarder reduced the number of brakes by 76% during this period, braking energy. This is equivalent to a 80% reduction in friction plate consumption, an approximately 3.5% reduction in the number of engine revolutions, a 6% reduction in the number of shifts, and a 5% increase in average speed, which reduces travel time by 6%. The efficient deceleration performance makes driving more predictable and the safety performance is greatly improved. In addition to obtaining the above data, fuel consumption tests were also conducted. Vehicles with retarder installed saved 1.71 liters per 100 kilometers compared to vehicles without retarder.

At the same time, the hydraulic retarder supports the driver's smooth driving style, and more uniform driving also gives this style a considerable fuel-saving effect. The use of hydraulic retarders also greatly increases the average vehicle speed, which reduces the cost of use. Because the retarder works in place of the service brake under most conditions, the service life of the brake pad increases by 3-5 times as the number of service brakes is reduced by 70%-80%. The service brakes are protected and the life of the tire is significantly extended. Because the brakes are used only when an emergency situation is encountered, the brakes are kept at room temperature, which relieves the risk of cracking of the brake hub after hot water spraying and the risk of tire bursting at high temperatures, which significantly saves repair time and vehicle costs. The application of Voith Turbo Retarder has reduced the emission of brake dust by nearly 80%, greatly reducing the braking noise and contributing to environmental protection.

The utilization rate of hydraulic retarders for trucks over 16T in Western European market was only 3% in 1985. By 2005, the installation rate has reached more than 50%. The rapid development has also confirmed the potential of the hydraulic retarder in truck applications. Imported heavy trucks such as Volvo and Scania are almost always equipped with hydraulic retarders as essential accessories for heavy trucks to ensure the high reliability of vehicles. In the 90s of the last century, Voith Hydraulic Retarder entered China. So far in the field of passenger cars, there is no need to lobby for the advantages of hydraulic retarders. The advantages of these products have enabled Voith to occupy a certain market share. At present, Voith Hydraulic Retarder has been engaged in relevant technology and market related cooperation with major domestic heavy truck companies, providing more valuable options for Chinese truck users. For Voith, which already has a factory in China, its hydraulic retarder has a good reputation in the truck sector and it is very attractive to customers in specific market segments. Voith's efforts to join hands with many OEMs will accelerate the solution to the old problem of lack of braking force in the heavy truck industry, and at the same time it has broken the slowdown in the domestic market for retarder trucks.

A person in charge of the Shaanxi Automobile Technology Center once pointed out that many truck owners in China have a weak sense of safety. For heavy trucks, installing a retarder does require a further sum of money. However, in the course of future driving, compared to other The safety protection function of the brake protection system and the hydraulic retarder is definitely not measurable with money.

According to their estimates, market personnel in the southwest region of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles said that if the users of the southwest mountainous area use hydraulic retarders, the economic benefits will be considerable. The savings of the optical brake pads and tires can exceed the retarder within one year. investment.

Mr. HASELOFF, project manager of the road product field of Voith Turbo Technology Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: The cooperation with Shaanxi Auto has strengthened the confidence of Voith Hydraulic Retarder in entering the Chinese truck market. With Voith Hydraulic Retarder's reliable quality and reputation, we will strive to make a big share in this small market. At the same time, it calls for the solution of the problem that the heavy truck brakes need to be installed and the hydraulic retarder must be installed!

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