January 28, 2022

20160128 Instrument News News Network

[China Instrument Network News] News view, focus on dynamics. Today is Thursday, January 28, Lunar New Year 19th. Instrument Network presents you with the latest developments in the industry. Today's main content is:

2015 meter living circle, is how kind of experience? - Special project planning, China Instrument Network editorial department. 【details】

Shandong's "four-in-one" acquisition officially broke 50,000. 【details】

The China Metering Association Water Metering Committee meeting was held in South East China Area and was assisted by Ningbo Water Meter. 【details】

Wasion Group and Guangdong Academy jointly developed overseas smart meter market. 【details】

The “Water Pollution Source Online Monitor Remote Measurement Standard Device” declared by Zhejiang Metrology Institute won the national invention patent. 【details】

The 2015 China Electronic Information Industry Development Conference and Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Silian Group was selected as one of the top 50 innovation companies. 【details】

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