January 28, 2022

New and old small digging machine emperor's contest Doosan DX55-9C against DH55 GOLD

DH55 GLOD has been sold in China for more than ten years. It is the best-selling ace model of Doosan Infracore's small excavation. It still has an advantage in terms of performance and handling comfort compared to other similar models on the market. Even so, Doosan did not stop the pursuit of the ultimate product quality, in early 2016 launched a new 5 tons of small digging - DX55-9C.

So, how much better is the performance of the new DX55-9C compared to the older DH55 GLOD? What is the actual performance of the DX55-9C? The third-party media engineering machinery product professional evaluation team came to the test site of the Doosan Construction Machinery Loader R&D Center in Yantai, Shandong Province, where they conducted a real-world evaluation of the DX55-9C and DH55 GOLD.


Time: April 8, 2016

Venue: Test Site, Loader R&D Center, Doosan Construction Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd., Muping District, Yantai City

Weather: sunny, 2 to 3 winds

Evaluation items: trenching, 180 degree earthwork handling, motion coordination comparison test

Organization: Construction Machinery Media

Driver: 1 person, more than 6 years experience in excavator driving

Participants: Deputy Chief Engineer of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Director of the Second Inspection Institute, Mr. Qi Pengyuan, Mr. Wu Fei, Senior Test Engineer of Doosan Infracore, and Engineering Machinery Media Evaluation Team

Evaluation one: digging trench

The staff cuts the groove path at the designated place. The width of the groove is the width of the bucket, the length of the groove is 10m, and the depth of the groove is about 1.5m. For users with small excavators, digging trenches is one of the things they often do. The trenching comparison test is mainly to see the speed of the excavation work of the small excavator. When the depth is the same, the speed of the device is fast from the beginning to the end.


Trench test

Evaluation 2: 180 degree earthwork handling

The 180-degree earthmoving handling test mainly simulates the user's loading operation in the field, but it is even worse than the normal loading situation. During the test, two excavators, DX55-9C and DH55 GOLD, traveled to the top of a high slope, and the same driver separately performed a 180° turn-down operation after deep excavation.


Evaluation 3: Operational coordination display

The operation coordination display mainly investigates the movement coordination of the excavator, and the user often performs compound actions such as leveling and excavation in daily work. In the operational coordination display, the DX55-9C is flexible and powerful, and its outstanding performance has been unanimously appreciated by experts and reviewers.


Evaluation 3: Operational coordination display

After the real test of the real knife of the DX55-9C and DH55 GOLD, what is the victory? Difference geometry? What evaluations do experts, users and Doosan engineers make for this test and equipment performance? Click here to read the original text to understand the detailed evaluation process, the results are waiting for you to announce!

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