January 28, 2022

The use of traction LED advertising vehicles

The traction type LED advertising vehicle adopts an advanced vehicle chassis as a walking system, which has a stable structure and flexible operation. Equipped with professional audio and touch screen computers, beautiful shape and atmosphere, strong publicity, eliminating the trouble on the card. The configuration is as follows:

1) The size of the towed LED advertising vehicle is: 6400×1840×4000mm, and the LED screen size is 48002400mm.

2) The traction type LED advertising vehicle can raise the whole screen, lift the height of 2 meters, and make the shockproof and heat insulation treatment, the side of the screen has a side opening door, and the maintenance is convenient;

3) The traction-type LED advertising vehicle is equipped with a fixed apron below the vehicle compartment and equipped with a tool box; 30 meters of external power cord; equipped with a touch screen control system.

4) The traction LED advertising vehicle line safety modification, equipped with an external power line, lightning protection facilities, weak protection devices, etc.; all electrical circuit layout control PVC flame-retardant insulation tube.

Traction LED advertising vehicles can play a variety of video files, as well as images and text, the image is clear and has good publicity. Can be widely used in product promotion, brand promotion, on-site promotion, all kinds of draft events, sports events broadcast, concerts, concerts and so on. In the busy areas, communities, squares, parks and other personnel concentrated areas and target consumers on-site display, exchange, interaction, a wide range of propaganda, allowing customers to obtain the greatest advertising effectiveness.

High arrival rate:

According to authoritative survey results, traction LED advertising vehicles are the media with the highest ad arrival rate. Where are the audiences and where are the ads! Accurate advertising stimuli will greatly enhance the efficiency of advertising and audience awareness of products and brands.

High mandatory:

Yuanwang traction LED advertising vehicles are not as obligatory as newspapers, magazines and television media. Traction LED advertising vehicles take the initiative to enthusiasm, shuttle across every corner of the town, its deep impact, wide range, large audience, without time and line restrictions. She is the sole owner of time and space and builds and deepens the corporate and product brand image when the audience’s line of sight cannot be avoided.

Automatic Bearing Ring Lathe Machine

Designed for large cutting allowance and big size scatter forging piece.Used for turning bore, face, outer diameter, step, etc,with the advantage ofgood cutting force, blank adaptability and automatic processing. It is aimed atsolving recruitment difficulties and labour intensity, widely used in rough turningfor bearing ring ,auto parts, casting and forging hydraulic industry ,etc.

Automatic Bearing Ring Lathe Machine,Taper Roller Bearing Machine,Outer Bearing Ring Machine,Inner Ring Bearing Machine

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