January 28, 2022

Where does the cleaning of the quantitative package scale begin?

Where does the cleaning of the quantitative package scale begin?

1. After closing the quantitative packing scale, it is necessary to clean the measuring part of the equipment first. For example, if the package is dusty material, then it is necessary to clean the turntable and the feeding port in time, so that the next operation will not be affected. Guarantee the accuracy of measurement;

2, for the quantitative packaging scale sealing device, but also to clean in a timely manner to ensure the appearance of the seal;

3, for the quantitative packaging scale cigarette lighters also need to be cleaned in time to ensure that the cursor tracking error does not occur;

4, in the bagging material falling on the tray must also be cleared in time to ensure the cleanliness of the machine;

5, for the control box should also be cleared in time, so as not to fall into the dust to control the electrical box bad contact;
Quantitative packing scale

With regard to the maintenance of quantitative packaging scales, the following aspects must be noted:

1, should pay attention to whether the electrical parts of the water, or the phenomenon of corrosion, always keep it clean and tidy, in case of electrical failure;

2. Lubricate the components of the quantitative packaging scale regularly to ensure the normal operation of the packaging scale;

3. Regularly check the amount of the packing scale to check for loose fasteners.

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