January 28, 2022

Rotary wing hot water meter maintenance work

As we all know, no matter what machinery and equipment, there will be some large and small problems after using for a period of time. To extend its service life, it is necessary to maintain it. Let's take a look at the maintenance of rotary-wing hot water meter.
1. The maintenance of rotor-type hot water meters is different from watches and other mechanical instruments. The water meter can't be disassembled freely, and it must not be added with lubricating oil, nor can it be repaired on its own; it must be protected from collision and frost cracking. If you are connected to an outdoor pipe and do not use water during the winter night, turn off the water stop valve first, and then turn on the faucet and let go of the excess water so that the valve will not enter the water for a period of time. If the indoor water pipes are frozen, avoid using an open fire to bake them. Only use 60-80°C hot water to flow down the pipes so that they can gradually freeze, or increase the room temperature to thaw.
2. When the tank is cleaned once every six months, the cleaning method is to first cut off the power supply, close the inlet valve, and then open the outlet valve, and rotate the drainage switch on the safety valve counterclockwise by 90 degrees to naturally drain the water and sediment in the water heater. Then wash it with tap water. After cleaning, restore the drain switch to its original position.
3. The users who do not use the rotary wing type hot water meter power supply all the year round should always check whether the rotary wing type hot water meter is normal. If there are any abnormalities, they should be promptly sent to the maintenance point for repair. In the case of normal use of the rotor type hot water meter.
4. If the amount of water produced by the shower is reduced, it is necessary to promptly clean up the clogged debris, ensure the smooth flow of the outlet, and help extend the service life of the rotary wing hot water meter.
5. Do not replace the parts on the rotor-type hot water meter by yourself. Replace the water heater by professional maintenance personnel or brand service personnel.
The above information on the rotor-type hot water meter is introduced here today for everyone, hoping to bring some help to everyone.

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