January 28, 2022

Remote explosion-proof operation column / field explosion-proof operation column how to remote control? ??/

First, what is the remote field explosion-proof operation column

When the controlled equipment and control equipment are installed in different places, another "enable" "stop" control and display "field control box" or "field control box" (most When a button box is used where there is no wall or column near the controlled device for installation, and the normal button box does not meet the safety requirements, an "operation column" is used. In fact, the top of the column of a steel pipe is provided with a “button box” (good sealing performance), which is convenient for operation next to the equipment.

Second, what are the characteristics of field operation column:

1. The shell is made of ZL102 aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface of high pressure electrostatic spray, stainless steel exposed fasteners;

2. Built-in universal conversion switch, button, ammeter (can be installed according to user requirements other instruments), lights, etc.;

3. The switch has more than 30 kinds of functions freely selectable by the user;

4 can be tailored to the requirements; 5 ammeter range specified by the user;

Third, the on-site operation column manufacturer chooses the company's products to pass the formal inspection agency's inspection. For product quality, please do not question the third-party transportation due to product delivery, so there is no guarantee that the product will not be damaged during transportation.

If damage is found after arrival, please contact the company

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