January 28, 2022

Multifunctional Compatibility 6 Special Purpose Sprinklers

Conventional sprinkler trucks are mainly used in three major aspects: greening and spraying, engineering maintenance and dust reduction and cleaning. With the development of domestic urban construction and the highly developed sanitation and greening work, traditional conventional sprinklers cannot fully meet the actual needs of many different industries. .

Under the impetus of market demand, in order to achieve the principle of doing everything in the best possible way and maximize the realization of the use rate and applicability of special vehicles for sprinklers, the Joint Technical Department of the Production Department has boldly innovated during the technological development process in the past decade. A large number of application sprinklers have been carefully designed. The special sprinkler evolves a variety of functionalities from the conventional functions, and the limiter meets the operating requirements in various professional environments. Special sprinklers mainly have the following types:

●Pesticide spraying vehicle

Pesticide spraying vehicle: Based on conventional sprinkler trucks, pesticide spraying system was added, and the maximum atomizing operation stroke of the external power unit was up to 50 meters, to further protect the operator's health and avoid pesticide water harm to the human body. Pesticide spraying system, using a remote control command system, can rotate 360 ​​tons, atomizing fan can change the working height of 60 degrees, can generally meet the needs of various types of pesticide spraying operations.

● Fire sprinkler

Fire Sprinklers: Simplified low-cost water tank fire engines for traditional fire engines, centralized the placement of fire tools, and selected low-cost atmospheric fire pumps, but fire water column heights of up to 35-55 meters are no less All kinds of professional fire engines. Put into production, universal access to all types of community-based, market and public fire department approval.

●Working Sprinklers

Spider-Man Sprinklers: Sprinklers with high-altitude operations can be described as two-vehicle functions concentrated on one vehicle display, which can meet the needs of various types of ascent operations and achieve the basic functions of greening maintenance.

● Suction sprinkler

Suction sprinkler: A professional vehicle that has both suction function and sprinkler function, divides the original vacuum tank into two parts, and effectively combines the two functions of suction and sprinkler to separate the two-way function. The Power Output Working Group is well compatible with the mutual implementation of the two special functions.

●Carton back tank sprinkler

Carton back tank sprinkler: Good combination of truck and sprinkler, the function can be switched freely in the second workshop when the operation is needed, and the sprinkler tank is mounted in the back of the truck box. When the back tank is unloaded, the vehicle will be restored to the truck. Features.

● Truck crane sprinkler

Truck-mounted crane sprinkler: On the basis of the back tank-type sprinkler of the container, a crane is installed to facilitate the lifting operation of the sprinkler tank, and can carry all kinds of heavy-loaded goods, a real one more than one car The special car that can do it.

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