January 28, 2022

Learn this trick, so you save the maintenance of vehicle sunroof!

Recently, the price of gasoline has risen twice in a row, which means that in the summer that has come, our car's fuel consumption has increased while the cost of raising the car has also increased. Because the car is exposed to the hot sun, the temperature inside the car can easily rise. To the rhythm of being able to roast acquaintances almost, the first reaction after getting on the train is of course - turning on the air conditioner. But if we have a car with a skylight, immediately turning on the air conditioner does not seem to be our only option. Open the sunroof and use the negative pressure generated during the vehicle to drive the hot air inside the car to do so than air conditioning. The effect of heat dissipation is much faster. The most important thing is to save energy.


The problem of fuel economy has been solved, but since we have to use sunroofs regularly, we can't ignore the maintenance of sunroofs. If the sunroof is broken, repairs or replacements, the cost is relatively high. We can learn a few strokes to do a good job of maintenance. It saves this maintenance fee that may be generated.

1. Do not open the skylight where the road conditions are not good

Due to poor road conditions, the vehicle will jolt during driving. If the sunroof is opened, the sunroof and the slide only see too much vibration may cause the relevant parts to be deformed or even damage the motor, so we must remember In places with poor road conditions, skylights should never be opened.

2. The skylight glass should be carefully maintained


Before driving, we have to look at whether there are obstacles on the roof that will affect the operation of the glass panel. The glass of the sunroof has the function of heat insulation and UV isolation. When cleaning stains on the glass panel, do not use stickiness or corrosion. Stain cleaners, clean with a soft cloth and detergent.

3. Skylight cleaning

After the skylight has been used for a long time, a lot of sand and foreign matter are deposited on the slide rails and gaps. If the sunroof components are not cleaned in time, the maintenance cycle can be maintained for 2-3 months. Use a damp sponge or cotton cloth to wipe the water. You can use it. Thin talcum powder or lubricant smears sealing strips around the skylight to extend its life

4. Avoid flushing the sunroof with high pressure water gun

When washing a car, if the high-pressure water gun is flushed to the sunroof slide rail, the slide rails will be deformed. After a long time, the windows will easily enter the water.

After learning about these little knowledge, go for a ride with her sister. Don't thank me. Xiao Bian can only help you here.

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