January 28, 2022

·Automotive e-commerce has gone through double eleven: swarming and then parting ways

Flocking to "This is the fourth time I have made a speech on e-commerce within a month." On November 28th, the opening ceremony of the car CEO Li Bin at the Global E-Commerce Conference held in Shanghai confirmed the car power from one side. The current heat of business.
With the arrival of Alibaba's market capitalization equivalent to the Tencent, Baidu, and Jingdong eras, the Chinese Internet has entered the trading era. The so-called "Internet began with social, finally e-commerce; began in the media, finally e-commerce; began with search, and finally e-commerce" is unprecedentedly reflected in the field of automotive e-commerce.
Roland Berger's latest research shows that the penetration rate of auto e-commerce sales is gradually increasing. In the first half of 2014, the production and sales of passenger cars in China were 9,708,500 and 9,633,800, of which about 20% of sales and clues were derived from e-commerce. The platform is 1.93 million.
According to Roland Berger's forecast, China's O2O auto e-commerce sales will grow at an annual rate of 30%-40% in the future, and it is expected to reach nearly 225 billion yuan in 2016.
On the 28th, Xia Jun, CEO of Chexiang.com, summed up the innovation of this year's "Double Eleven" auto e-commerce: the first is the model buyout, the past is the automaker, the dealer, what to sell, and now become the e-commerce from OEMs and dealers buy out models; second, users make payments online; third is financial support.
The popularity of auto e-commerce has led more and more vertical car websites to focus on building a new car e-commerce platform. The most typical case in the near future is Chexun.com and a cat car that has just been on the line. This heat is not limited to new car e-commerce, second-hand car e-commerce and spare parts and car after-market e-commerce is also fierce.
On November 28th, Zheng Changqing, general manager of Ebay Greater China Sales, focused on promoting the concept of global cross-border transactions and its “kitage” for mobile phone parts trading on the mobile phone. “Global cross-border is undoubtedly Today's e-commerce is a huge trend, and auto parts are even more so. For Chinese sellers, selling your spare parts to car owners around the world is an industry upgrade opportunity."
At present, there are more than 40 million online items on the Ebay platform. On average, there are auto products sold every 2 minutes, and auto parts are traded at "two or three per second".
In fact, the newly entered e-commerce platform must consider two points, user base and resource advantages. The advantages of the two vertical e-commerce platforms—the car home and the easy car—are very obvious, the user base of the former and the traditional advantage of the latter in dealer resources.
Of course, grasping the trend of e-commerce and the pain points of the future are opportunities for new entrants. Tang Bingyong, an e-commerce expert in the Ministry of Commerce, believes that there are two major trends in auto e-commerce. "One is to extend the original O2O model. It is a combination of factory direct sales and offline experience stores. This model is very caring for automakers. Hope Providing models online can also avoid conflicts with dealers."
Another trend is mobile e-commerce. "We are going to actively promote the e-commerce of mobile clients. This year, we have begun to look a bit. We expect that mobile Internet and mobile terminal car e-commerce will gradually emerge this year, especially today's car conference." Tang Bingyong said.
Parting ways to go through the "Double Eleven" smoke, aside from the digital battle between the two platforms, the concept of the two major vertical e-commerce platforms of the car home and the easy car has been clearly differentiated. Easy car to be a platform, home to do transactions.
Previously, Qin Zhi, the CEO of the car home, publicly stated that the real car e-commerce platform must generate real buying and selling behavior with consumers. “The real car e-commerce platform needs to complete sales. The measurement standard of auto e-commerce is whether the transaction can be completed. The key to the success of the auto e-commerce platform is the transaction capability.” The car home first broke through the “online” during the double eleven period. The purchase of a car is the best embodiment of Qin Zhi’s concept, and it is also the biggest innovation of the car home this year for car e-commerce.
In fact, Li Bin’s other two speeches on auto e-commerce in the past month are closely related to auto dealers. One is the Haikou Annual Meeting of the China Automobile Dealers Association, and the other is the dealer conference held in Changlong during the Guangzhou Auto Show. .
The natural connection between the car and the car dealer also shows that the car will not be the life of the dealer. Despite the loosening of brand authorization, the profit model of 4S stores has been questioned, and the format of automobile circulation will change, but Li Bin still believes that 4S stores are still the mainstream. “Especially service capabilities, service experience and quality assurance are the irreplaceable core values ​​of 4S stores.”
“The change in the future circulation format is mainly reflected in the circulation of new vehicles. That is, more and more consumers are booking through the Internet e-commerce platform. This change is in line with the interests of 4S stores. 4S stores lose inventory, but still have customer resources. Li Bin stressed.
If the e-commerce idea of ​​the easy car in 2013 is still in the test and exploration stage, then the idea of ​​the easy-to-car e-commerce company under the Li Bin operation in 2014 has been very clear, that is, to be a platform.
"Doing e-commerce, how to improve the user's car buying experience? Whose cheese should be moved? These two questions must be clear. Is it necessary to move the dealer's cheese? This is actually a very serious problem. We can move. It’s just the cheese of the bank,” Li Bin said in an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald.
In Li Bin's view, the so-called "inventory financing" is the product of the automobile industry's ineffective and bureaucratic distribution mechanism, unable to adapt to changes in the market. "I hope that e-commerce changes inventory, from the perspective of brand e-commerce, according to actual sales. To carry out production, adopt a more economical model, instead of first producing and repressing the warehouse. Now it is time to make adjustments in the case of micro-growth. In the future, the relationship between manufacturers and distributors is also the place where manufacturers rent dealers to display products and deliver goods. And after sales service."
So, what is a real car e-commerce? Li Bin believes that there are three standards: price transparency, enhance user experience, and establish a business model of “pay as per transaction”. "We think these three points are the most important for defining a car e-commerce. Is it the whole purchase of a car? Is it necessary to buy the car online? Then it is not the essence of the car e-commerce, nor the demand of the user. Focus."
Competing for user associations In fact, the highest stage of e-commerce is to rob the user of the association.
"Although I don't send Weibo, the frequency of microblogging is still very high. Once a user complains to me on Weibo, the processing speed is still very fast." Li Bin hopes to use this example to explain that the car cares. It is the user experience.
"We have some methods for price. User experience is how we want to product. Easy car wants to scale these scattered, inefficient, and costly user services, improve efficiency while reducing costs, and at the same time give users A better service experience.” Li Bin said that the standard car service that may be sold in the future Easy Car Mall includes a home test drive.
It is worth noting that in addition to products such as Che Yi Tong, Hui Buy Car, and Easy Car Mall, the strategic product of Yi Car next year is auto finance service, which provides consumers with financial services for online car purchase, and this service may become The standard for easy car e-commerce.
Some insiders believe that auto e-commerce does not increase the entire industry. E-commerce is only beneficial to new car brands, such as Tesla, and it is a subversion for traditional brands and existing forces. However, if a traditional enterprise cannot deeply understand that e-commerce changes its communication with users, but only from sales, then it has been lost from the beginning. Unfortunately, most of the auto e-commerce now Take sales as the starting point.
In fact, the whole vehicle sales is just a transaction, the beginning of the connection between the enterprise and the user. The biggest difference between the car and the general FMCG is that its service chain is particularly long. A user usually buys a car from decision to purchase, which takes about two to three months, but after purchasing a car, the average user's car life is about 6 to 7 years.
"In the middle of the car life cycle of 6 or 6 and a half years, what kind of service can be provided to users is more critical than the current focus on car purchase." Xia Jun said.

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