January 28, 2022

LED display encounters the challenge of transparent image wall

With the development of various imaging technologies, the boundaries of the industry are becoming increasingly blurred. LED display screens in the indoor display market and DLP, LCD tiger mouth to eat, the status of their own outdoor advertising is no longer lonely, and facing the challenges of other display technologies, the light transmission image wall is one of them. The high-pressure water gun directly shoots, and the silk does not damage the presentation of high-definition images! On the evening of November 21st, the world's first translucent cement image wall was unveiled at the Zhaoqing Sports Center Plaza. It is understood that this light-transparent cement image wall not only has low construction cost, can save a lot of electricity costs, and is not afraid of wind and sun, and more importantly, it can realize naked-eye 3D and 5D stereo interactive play. The cost is only half of the LED display. On the evening of October 21st, the world's first translucent cement image wall was unveiled at the Zhaoqing Sports Center Plaza. The first broadcast form earned an eyeball high-pressure water gun directly on the screen, splashing water, but without losing high-definition images. The presentation of the picture attracted the citizens on the square to cheer and clap. The staff also showed on the scene the quick disassembly of the cement wall and the installation of stunts. It is understood that the invention of the translucent cement image wall will receive the gold medals of the four international invention competitions such as the Russian Archimedes International Invention Competition, the Pittsburgh International Invention Competition, the German Nuremberg International Invention Competition, and the Middle East Kuwait International Invention Competition. The light-transparent cement brick wall can be used to introduce natural light during the day and will become an advertising wall after projection at night. Prof. Zhu Yi, an inventor from Taiwan, introduced that the translucent cement brick of the translucent image wall not only has a strength of 6,200 lbs, but also a light transmittance of 20, which is especially suitable for buildings requiring high illuminance, such as exhibition venues and plants. Factory, school, hospital, etc.: The construction cost of the translucent image wall is half of that of the LED display, and the power consumption is only 6.2 of the LED display screen, and effectively solves the problem that the LED kanban cannot be continuously played and hurts the eyes. Creating an outdoor interactive three-dimensional cinema light-transparent image wall is not only a replacement for LED outdoor display, but also a subversive of the movie entertainment industry. Introducing the light-transmissive cement image wall Li Zhaohui, the person in charge of Zhaoqing Henghui Agriculture and Forestry Technology Development Co., Ltd., introduced that the light-transparent cement image wall can provide a back-projection infinite screen. At present, 2D-3D conversion technology has made significant progress, and the resolution of the playback bottleneck not only solves the problem of insufficient 3D content, but also causes the cost of 3D image production to be greatly reduced. At the same time, because the light-transmissive cement image wall can provide a rear-projection infinite screen, and can be applied to all four sides of the building, it can create a fantasy 5D cinema and become a movie entertainment business. Subversive.

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