January 28, 2022

Dongfeng Teams Up with Huawei to Create Smart Cars with Five Mobile Phones Simultaneously with "Cars"

Tesla, which has become so popular worldwide, has caused tremendous shocks to the global automotive industry. Tesla's success comes down to two things: smartness and new energy. For the Chinese auto industry, various auto manufacturers are also working on these two keywords.

In the current rapid expansion of domestic vehicle production capacity, the price of joint-venture models has severely squeezed the survival space of independent models, and the self-owned brand has set off a “self-rescue operation” in which the automobile companies and Internet companies cross-border cooperation. Recently, Dongfeng and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides will launch cross-border cooperation in the areas of vehicle-mounted electronic products, vehicle networking, smart cars, and on-vehicle communication equipment products and solutions that represent future development directions.

Differing from Beiqi New Energy, which was previously known as a LeTV OEM, Dongfeng and Huawei are all-round cooperation that covers both traditional and new energy vehicles. Huawei promised not to build its own vehicle; it signed an agreement with SAIC and Alibaba to manufacture " "Internet cars" are different. Dongfeng cooperates with Huawei to manufacture "Internet cars" and also jointly develops future "smart cars."

Push "Internet car" to save itself

Under the dual pressure of the price of the joint-venture model and the purchase restriction of each city, since September of last year, the market share of self-owned brand passenger vehicles has continuously declined for 12 months, and the market share in the first three quarters of this year has decreased from 33.7% in the same period of last year. 32.7%, which means that nearly 70% of cars running on China's roads are brand cars of multinational companies or global companies. Li Feng, president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd., said that two-thirds of China’s 20 million car sales have been taken away by foreigners.

At present, the quality of self-owned brand cars is significantly different from that of imported brands and joint venture brands. To reduce differentiation, quality and differentiation must be followed. Regardless of quality, in terms of differentiated roads, autonomous car companies are now aiming at the integration of automobiles and the Internet. Compared with foreign brands, independent car companies have boldly tried and dared to explore.

The reporter noticed that not only BYD, a privately owned company, has launched the BYD G5, an Internet mass production car, but also the Dongfeng Fengshen AX-7, an internet car jointly built by the state-owned enterprise Dongfeng Motor Group and internet company Huawei, which has been quietly built for many years.

"Aeolus AX-7 will achieve the top three sales and quality first goals. As an up-and-coming independent car company must achieve this goal must be combined with the Internet, and some high-tech products will be equipped on this car." Feng Chun, general manager of Feng Shen said.

Also in July this year, SAIC Group signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in Internet vehicles with Alibaba Group to jointly build a future-oriented Internet car and its ecosystem. In August, BAIC and LeSpot jointly invested in an American pure electric vehicle design company. Atieva, before that, Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi expressed willingness to produce LeTV as OEM.

Different from the two auto companies choosing to cooperate with Internet companies that specialize in software services, the Dongfeng and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Wuhan on October 17. Both parties will build informatization for automotive electronics, smart cars, and IT/ICT. In other fields, such as collaborative innovation and cross-border cooperation, a new model for all-round cooperation between auto companies and “soft and hard” Internet companies is being launched, and R&D of Internet vehicles will advance into the development of smart cars.

To provide users with paid car service

The Aeolus AX-7 has four differences from the Internet car that was launched in the past: First, the Android system that the car company and Huawei jointly installed on the vehicle; Second, it can simultaneously meet five mobile phones and car machines connected through Wifi or Bluetooth, both at home and abroad Only this one; third is the electronic manual integrated in the car machine, you can see how to operate the car in the car system; Fourth, according to different users at the same time choose the three favorite human-machine interface.

"We and Huawei are still developing the same man-machine interface as the desktop computer. You can download it from the Internet, choose an interface you like, and it will be available in the next year or so." Wu Zemin, Minister of Electronics and Electrical Department of Dongfeng Motor Company Technical Center told reporter.

This reporter learned that the Aegis AX-7 car system is not currently charged, then the future will not charge it? Yang Yong, director of Huawei's mobile broadband and home product line product management department, said that if users are willing to pay for vehicles, they must provide good services, such as intelligence and entertainment. The human-machine interface developed must be truly emotional and user-friendly.

“We hope to make strategic partners profitable by providing good services.” Yang Yong said, “Now Dongfeng’s introduction of cheap cars is not a strategic direction for both parties. Through strategic cooperation between Huawei and Dongfeng, we can do less to care about costs later. , more concerned about what to provide to the user."

Huawei will not build its own car

So, how does the car service provided by internet car guarantee security? Yang Yong told reporters, "The application of the car itself may be closed, but the Aeolus AX-7 car machine needs to be connected to the Internet. This part may be open, but it is also partially open. Otherwise, everything will run on it. Running bad."

In addition, the vehicle chips developed jointly by Huawei and Dongfeng can make the underlying security protocols available on the ground floor. “How do we ensure data security when the vehicle is extremely cold and hot? We have a complete set of security protection mechanisms. We can never expect data loss or machine upset,” said Yang Yong.

With the deepening of cooperation between Dongfeng and Huawei, will the two parties form a joint venture company? According to Guan Guan, director of the automotive product planning department of Huawei's Mobile Broadband and Home Product Line Product Management Department, “Building a car is not what Huawei is good at, and we will not do it in accordance with our business logic. Huawei will never operate any of the Internet of Cars. Business, we are a platform provider."

Developing smart cars is a trend

Although Huawei stated that it will not build its own cars, auto companies still have to be alert to Internet companies collectively invading the automotive industry, and these Internet companies are directly targeting "smart cars." For example, Baidu is fully developing autopilot technology. Next, it will integrate its music, navigation, image recognition, traffic data and voice recognition. It will be provided to car companies and vehicle equipment manufacturers, and will complete the mobile interconnection of “people, vehicles, and mobile phones”. Google’s R&D driverless car has just been approved by the California Motor Vehicle Authority to allow driving tests on public roads in California.

The reporter noted that the cooperation between Dongfeng and Huawei in the third phase is the joint development of smart cars by both parties. Through the supporting people stage, the anthropomorphic stage and the symbiosis stage, the intelligent car with emotional automatic driving will be finally realized.

When it comes to smart cars, Yang Yong said, “The sensor technology that smart cars need to use for automatic driving needs to be able to recognize them automatically, to be able to safely and quickly transmit, and the most important thing is to be efficient. We have no clear objective in this respect. We also hope to work with strategic partners to transform Huawei's existing accumulation into valuable experience and technology."

Wang Binbin, deputy director of the Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., said that the future direction of autos is safety, green, and intelligence. Smart cars are the deep integration of the automotive industry and the IT industry, and they are also the trend of the times.

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