January 28, 2022

How to improve the city's auto parts market

At the same time, some operating departments have also become the filthy places for the theft of criminals, making criminals even more timid and inflicting harm on public security. What makes people feel right is that this situation has become a strange phenomenon in the auto parts industry. It also poses a serious threat to the status of the state-owned main channel.

At present, China is still in the primary stage of socialism. Privately-owned vehicles are less than 10 of the entire number of vehicles. Most of the vehicles belong to public vehicles. No matter whether they purchase auto parts or perform maintenance, they are public funds. Purchasing personnel do not need to pay for themselves. Therefore, the purchase of accessories is not as costly and qualitative as the purchase of department stores and daily necessities. It is indifferent to the price and quality of auto parts. If private individuals can benefit from them, why not? And most of the car units Leaders are not familiar with auto parts and do not understand product quality. Some units do not have many vehicles. These vehicles are in an important position to complete the tasks of this unit and as a tool for leadership. Therefore, as long as the vehicle is traveling, the requirements for other problems are not strict. This is one of the reasons why the strange phenomenon can exist.

At present, there are too many auto parts outlets in Chongqing, which greatly exceed social needs and should not blindly develop social outlets. At the same time, we must carry out necessary clean-up of existing outlets, resolutely ban illegal operators, rectify unqualified people, and strengthen industry management. The implementation of macro control, reasonable layout, strengthen the management of purchase, finance, and price. The main channel supports, supports, and guides the business of social networks.


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