January 28, 2022

The recall of auto parts will no longer be a dream

The implementation of the automobile recall system in China has been for a full 10 years. It has been the recall of the entire vehicle, and there is no recall of auto parts. A car consists of tens of thousands of parts and components. Quality problems or design flaws in parts and components can cause potential safety hazards for the car and directly damage the vital interests of consumers. How auto parts companies can effectively control the quality of parts and components , It is related to the survival of enterprises and the lives of the majority of vehicle owners. Therefore, over the years, consumers have increasingly called for recall management of auto parts, but they have not been able to do so for various reasons.

Today, the recall of auto parts will no longer be a dream. The AQSIQ has recently published on its website the “Measures for the Implementation of Revocation Management Regulations for Defective Automobile Products (Consultation Draft)”. Compared with the “Regulations” that have been implemented before, the company has further defined the recall of product and operator of auto products. In addition to the responsibilities and obligations undertaken by the company, it is also the first time that the part producers are clearly included in the contents of the product recall management regulations.

The Exposure Draft clearly stated that "Operators and producers of auto parts and components shall report to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine the relevant information on defects that may be found in auto products and notify the producers." In addition, “the AQSIQ and the entrusted provincial quality inspection departments carry out defect investigations, and can enter the production and operation sites of producers, operators, and parts producers to carry out on-site investigations,” and “parts producers do not comply with the provisions of these Measures. Those who cooperate with the defect investigation shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; if the case is not corrected within the time limit, a fine of more than 10,000 yuan but less than 30,000 yuan shall be imposed. At the same time, the above opinion also stated that if a violation of the regulations constitutes an illegal or criminal act, it will be held accountable according to law.

Before this, although vehicle companies may trace the responsibility of the parts and components companies through business agreements with downstream suppliers after product defects occur, this process tends to cause “wandering” and other phenomena. Under the background that there is not much loss, the manufacturer may “eat” this cost for some consideration, and the other is that the manufacturer and the supporting supplier “eat” each other according to a certain proportion. Nowadays, with the tightening of policy implementation, the normalization of recalls also brings certain cost pressures for manufacturers. Previously, according to media estimates, only one case of the public DSG, if the public recalled all of the 1.023 million DSG models already produced and replaced the gearbox, the cost of the expenditure would reach more than 10 billion yuan.

If the above opinion is passed, it means that the recall of auto parts will not be a dream. The recalled “sticks” will not only fall on the vehicle manufacturers, but also the parts companies will bear the corresponding responsibilities. If problems are found, the quality inspection department as a third party can investigate the parts companies, and the corresponding responsibilities and rights will be more clear; after the responsibilities are clearly defined, consumers' recalls and claims applications can be more quickly responded to. This will help promote the parts companies to pay more attention to car recalls, and actively improve product quality and product safety and reliability, to a certain extent, promote the survival of the fittest of spare parts manufacturers. In addition, the inclusion of parts and components manufacturing enterprises in the supervision of the implementation measures of the recall management regulations will also benefit the future standardization of the aftermarket maintenance market, and will help break down the monopoly after-sales service of the vehicle manufacturers. Afterwards, consumers will also pass through social maintenance agencies. Get original factory parts.

At the same time, it is also necessary to increase supervision of the auto parts industry at the government level. After the draft of the formally adopted, under the strict requirements of the new regulations, parts manufacturers should actively eliminate product safety hazards, improve product quality, and work together with vehicle manufacturers to solve problems.

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