January 28, 2022

The acceleration of the process of small-pitch LED TVs entering the civilian market

Time to enter 2014, the most prominent change in the industry is the rise of small-pitch LED displays. The operating results of the first half of 2014 disclosed by various listed companies show that only listed companies have received nearly 400 million yuan of small-pitch LED screen orders in the first half of the year. With the release of the company's third quarter business report, the profitability of small-pitch LED screens is confirmed to continue. With the advent of small-pitch display technology, the LED screens that dominated the outdoor media field have gradually been drawn into the indoor display field. With the characteristics of no seams, low energy consumption, long life, and good color, LED companies regard small-pitch LEDs as one. Lijian has launched an impact on engineering and commercial fields such as monitoring rooms, dispatching rooms, and conference rooms occupied by technologies such as DLP and LCD. Not only that, but also the product form of small-pitch LED TVs has entered the home application market at the same time, challenging home display devices such as large-size LCD TVs and home projectors. In the third quarter business report released recently, Liard announced that the company not only released the new XMAX rehearsal series of true LED TV products for the third-generation LED small-pitch TV, which is mainly aimed at the high-end civilian market, at the end of August this year. Business cooperation to open the LED TV network sales model. In the report of Chau Ming, the company also continued to strengthen the research and development of small-pitch display products. At present, the company's 110-inch or more home LED standard HDTVs have mass production capabilities. LED companies are enthusiastic about small-pitch LED TVs. According to the projection age network, unlike the engineering and commercial fields, the home field can be regarded as an unexplored virgin land for small-pitch LED TVs. In the large-size HD field, where mainstream LCD TVs are difficult to break, it is precisely the strength of LED technology. For example, the three-generation LED TVs of the Liard can be seamlessly spliced ​​by a 54-inch unit, and the 108-inch TV consisting of four units can reach the mainstream full HD resolution level of 1920×1080. At the same time, its detachable splicing combination also solves the problem of difficulty in handling large-size flat-panel TVs. If you combine them in 9 units, you can achieve a 162-inch large picture that is difficult to achieve with flat-panel TVs. However, there are also people in the industry who still have doubts about the lower-pitch LED TV. The biggest doubt is its high price. E-commerce data shows that the price of 110-inch LED TV is about 500,000 yuan, the 144-inch model is about 800,000 yuan, and the price of the 90-inch LCD TV is less than 140,000 yuan. Advantage. However, with the decline in the procurement cost of LED screen raw materials in recent years and the expansion of the industry scale, the cost reduction of small-pitch LED TVs has almost become the consensus in the industry. The author believes that the temporary spread in the emerging period of the industry is normal, LED as a representative of the new light source, will become the development direction of the future display industry. Despite the many challenges, looking forward to 2015, the process of opening up the home market for small-pitch LED TVs is still worth looking forward to.

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

A double layer roll forming machine can make designs which gives it another name dual layer roll forming machine, and because this machine can makes two different designs, and double deck roll forming machine is also a familiar name to people. (Similar machines are like two in one roll forming machine.)

It shall be pointed out that double layer roll forming machine cannot work at the same time, cause they share one motor ,one guillotine,one control box.The two layer or two levels roll forming parts share a same motor and the change of running between top and bottom roll forming part is made through a clutch equiped on this double deck roll forming machine.

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