January 28, 2022

Men rented Audi private car rental company to open the buyer alarm before they were cheated

Zhang rented an Audi A6 sedan from the car company and falsely claimed that it was the actual owner of the Audi car and sold the car to Mr. Meng with a price of RMB 140,000. The reporter learned from the Changping Procuratorate yesterday that Zhang was arrested on suspicion of contract fraud.

It is understood that Zhang introduced Mr. Meng through his friend's introduction and had business contacts with him. In June of this year, Zhang rented an Audi A6 sedan at a price of 1,000 yuan a day from a car rental company in Beijing. The agreed lease time was 15 days. Afterwards, Zhang drove to Mr. Meng’s company and said that the car was obtained from a friend. The procedure has not yet been completed and he wants to sell it to Mr. Meng at a price of RMB 190,000. Double convenience agreement is best paid by Mr. Meng first 14 million, and other procedures are completed and then pay the rest of the money. After Mr. Meng drove away, he constantly urged Zhang to complete the formalities. Zhang had been verbally perfunctory.

At the time of the lease, the car rental company did not receive the vehicle and could not call Zhang's phone. They found the vehicle through the GPS positioning system and used the spare key to drive away the car. Mr. Meng found the car "lost", and quickly told Zhang to want to call the police. Zhang said that he did not need to call the police first and he wanted to find a car. Later, when Mr. Meng called again, he would not be able to contact Mr. Zhang. Mr. Meng could not be deceived.

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