January 28, 2022

First batch of 2 Dongfeng Tianlong flagships delivered to Jiangxi users

On October 19, 2014, the first batch of Dongfeng commercial vehicle high-end heavy truck Tianlong flagships were delivered to Fengcheng users in Jiangxi. The two Tianlong flagships will serve as distribution vehicles from Jiangxi to Yunnan. The top 100 flagships of Tianlong this year will be booked by national users, and the entire vehicle will be rolled out nationwide in the next year.


The flagship of Tianlong is a new-generation, high-efficiency and long-distance transport vehicle independently developed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. for the global market. Its greatest feature is its high efficiency and meets the long-distance transportation needs of high-speed express transportation. Since the debut of the Shanghai Auto Show in 2013 and the Huanglong’s flagship, which was recently unveiled at the 2014 Hanover Motor Show, it has become a star product in domestic trucks. During the research and development process, it had been discussed with international first-class component suppliers in order to improve the performance and reliability of the vehicle. Combining with the lightweight demand of the transportation market, Tianlong’s flagship has adopted a large number of aluminum alloy materials in the cab design and chassis material, which is highly competitive on the overall level.

The first delivery of the 6X4 Tianlong flagship was equipped with Cummins ISZ13480 horsepower engine, ZF12AMT with hydraulic retarder, Dana 485 bridge; engine brake and exhaust brake were implemented in the brake system; a full set of Weiboke control valve , 4 points suspension cab, flat floor, full vehicle air bag suspension, front and rear disc brakes, parking heating system. After the sale, Tianlong’s flagship can enjoy free service for 1 year or 300,000 km.

From the perspective of the configuration of the vehicle, catching up with the imported truck configuration standard, the price has a very strong advantage. The Tianlong flagship market launch will bring new social impetus to the domestic high-end heavy truck market.

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The majority of the sound pressure produced by the engine is emanated out of the vehicle via the same piping used by the silent exhaust gases. The emitted noise is abated by a series of passages and chambers lined with roving fiberglass insulation and/or resonating chambers harmonically tuned to cause destructive interference, wherein opposite sound waves cancel each other out.

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