January 28, 2022

New energy vehicles should take precautions to face new technology challenges

When the new energy automobile industry has entered the market and popularization, the importance attached to the new energy vehicles by the auto companies is constantly being improved.

In terms of new energy vehicle manufacturing and development, although more and more new technologies have been developed internationally, in the final analysis, new technologies that can truly replace traditional manufacturing are needed.

Experts in the industry frankly stated: “If new technologies cannot exceed the existing traditional manufacturing, it is not only easy for new technologies to slow down and stay in the laboratories. This is probably the most embarrassing problem facing new energy vehicle manufacturing. While developing new technologies, it is even more necessary to draw on the experience and lessons of traditional manufacturing. This is a crucial issue for new energy vehicles."

Immature development still has a long way to go

The “Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)” released in 2012 proposes that by 2015, China’s cumulative production and sales of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 500,000 vehicles, which will exceed 2020. 5 million vehicles. Statistics from the China Automobile Association show that in 2012, China sold 12,791 new energy vehicles, which was a huge gap from the 500,000 targets.

“At present, new energy automobile technology is not yet very mature. Take electric vehicles as an example. Generally, a lithium battery can only travel more than 100 kilometers when it is charged once. Unlike a single oil, it can travel 400-500 kilometers and cannot fully meet the needs of users. The world is working on technologies for new energy vehicles. China is now working hard," said a person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is understood that currently China's new energy vehicles are mainly based on electric vehicles. The key technologies of electric vehicles include batteries, motors and electronic control. Among them, batteries are the most important components. Regrettably, China is still in R&D in these areas and has not yet entered the industrialization stage. At present, more than 80% of the cathodes and battery separators of the core components of China's power batteries need to be imported.

Fu Zhenxing, director of the power system department at SAIC Motors Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., said that new energy vehicles are mainly constrained by the energy density of battery technology. From a cost-effective point of view, the current battery technology from its energy density and cost considerations, to do a pure electric car can only be suitable for urban cars.

For new energy vehicles, although the popularity of the market has not yet truly formed a climate, it is indeed a scramble for experimental technology. Suddenly a variety of alternative technologies emerged, I am afraid that is a good proof. Especially in actual manufacturing, not only pure electric vehicles but also hybrid vehicles already exist, and now they are stepping up research and development of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen energy vehicles and solar energy. For this reason, it is difficult to say that it is difficult for consumers to discern and recognize these energy sources at the same time. Even people in the industry are arguing over these issues. This shows that the room for improvement in new technologies is still huge, and the development of new technologies remains. A long way to go.

In fact, as the new energy vehicle has to constantly promote new standards, it also confirms the immaturity of new energy vehicles to a certain extent. Just like diesel cars, only after decades of technological transformation can they gradually replace the status of gasoline vehicles. New energy vehicles have only experienced more technological changes before they can finally determine who is the key to leading technology.

Industry experts believe that the current pure electric vehicles are favored by all parties. However, since electric energy sources are not natural energy sources, despite the fact that car consumption itself is full of environmental protection capabilities, there is a problem of previous pollution in the manufacture of electric energy. The manufacturing itself is taken into consideration, obviously not understanding the energy use of electric vehicles. Perhaps, in the future, a new alternative energy source will emerge, which not only can quickly replace the fuel, but also can meet all the requirements of alternative energy sources, which is probably the most anticipated new automotive technology. In this case, domestic manufacturing should find suitable technologies for its own development in a timely manner, and innovation should be used instead of imitation. This means that domestic automobile manufacturing is facing more difficult tests.

Concerns over short-term difficulties to learn lessons

However, consumers still have many concerns. For example, electric cars are the most embarrassing ones. There is no way to go to the halfway and suddenly there is no electricity. Even if they are in the city, it may be difficult to charge stations within a radius of a few miles.

The fact that new energy vehicles have no power at halfway does not seem to be lifted in the short term. This is mainly due to the fact that the supporting facilities for domestic power station replacement are not yet perfect. As of the end of 2013, a total of built-in charge-for-power stations across the country and AC charging stations are still far from enough for China and future car ownership.

In addition, the time required for charging is much longer than refueling. Battery experts recommend that the best time to charge an electric car is 4-5 hours. But what if I forget charging? In addition to looking for a charging station nearby, it is also possible to replace the battery, but the actual operation has a corresponding difficulty. Even if the charging and recharging facilities are sufficient, it can be refueled and leave for a few minutes compared to the conventional cars. It takes a few hours to recharge or dispose of bulky batteries.

In the view of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Center, besides the fixed parking spaces for charging are relatively difficult to find, the current battery life of electric vehicles and the bottleneck of the battery technology that has not yet been broken have made him reservations.

Perhaps only by optimizing the layout of the charging network, improving the efficiency of charging and battery replacement, and breaking through the battery bottleneck technology, can it be possible for people to take action and put the owners of new energy vehicles to rest.

Even if China’s electric vehicles are in a period of clear development and favorable policies, new energy vehicles are still in the predicament of imperfect market mechanisms and infrastructure. However, the electrification of traditional gasoline vehicles is a general trend.

As a transformation of the automotive technology level, in addition to the known technological changes, the more important is the change and breakthrough in the concept. Only a good transformation of the company in terms of technology and quality is the most beneficial to the development of the company.

The development of new energy vehicles at home and abroad is on the same starting line. Experts in the industry frankly stated: “Domestic enterprises need more preparation before they can make further progress in innovation. In addition to the need for domestic companies to respond to technology with better enthusiasm, What's more important is that companies need to be aware of how to avoid detours. Only in this way, new energy vehicle manufacturing will not be able to step backwards and lag behind for domestic companies."

As for how to better build new energy vehicles, it is clear that technology and quality are two key elements that are placed in front of enterprises. Domestic automobile manufacturing has lagged behind international manufacturing in terms of traditional technology. The above-mentioned sources pointed out: "It is more necessary for domestic enterprises to soberly realize that the development of new technologies must draw lessons from the traditional manufacturing process. Such as blind imitations and dependence problems, heavy quantity and light quality issues, etc. This is a new issue in the manufacturing of new energy, so it is even more necessary for companies to proceed from their own advantages and to carefully study the lessons of past manufacturing before they can make the production of new energy vehicles follow the trend of the world. Otherwise, if you catch up just to catch up, naturally it will be difficult to catch up with the pace of international new technology development."

Objectively speaking, the development of new energy vehicles to the current stage, has formed a government support, consumer expectations and companies actively participate in the situation, which for the gradual marketization of new energy vehicles opened up a very favorable space. It is also necessary to see that the relationship between new energy vehicles and traditional manufacturing is still a basic development issue.

Therefore, this requires companies to recognize their own deficiencies and deficiencies in the traditional technology level, and only in this way, the domestic car companies can only know each other about the development of new technologies.

From another point of view, the development of new energy is not only a matter of manufacturing technology, but also requires a comprehensive search for development and change. This requires the government's driving force to be more scientific and reasonable, and the consumer's tolerance is broader. And the company's focus is even longer-term. Only in this way, new energy vehicle technology will achieve breakthroughs, and even at the manufacturing level, it will achieve a turning point.

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