September 22, 2021

Fermented foods escort human health companies to seek business opportunities in Asia

Fermented food is a product of dietary wisdom inherited from ancient times, and it is also one of the important foods that are indispensable for human longevity. Ingesting fermented foods increases the activity of enzymes and is fully digested. For humans, fermentation is the production of probiotic organisms. In other words, foods made from good microorganisms are fermented foods.
As a kind of food that mankind cleverly uses beneficial microorganisms to process and manufacture, fermented food has a unique flavor and enriches our dietary life, such as yogurt, milk drinks, bread, canned food, ham and sausage, ice cream and desserts, fermented wine, soy sauce, Vinegar, rice wine, beer, wine, etc., and even stinky tofu, these are attractive foods that have long been loved.

So, what are the benefits of fermented foods? Enzymes secreted by microorganisms during the fermentation can lyse the cell wall and further increase the utilization of nutrients. Animal foods, such as meat and milk, can decompose the original protein during fermentation to facilitate digestion and absorption.

Microbes can also synthesize some B vitamins, especially vitamin 12, which cannot be synthesized by animals and plants themselves. Only microorganisms can produce them. Fermented foods generally have a low fat content and can be said to be the health food of choice for dieters due to the consumption of carbohydrate energy during the fermentation process.

In the fermentation process, microorganisms preserve some of the active ingredients in the original food, such as polysaccharides, dietary fiber, bioflavonoids and other substances beneficial to the body, but also can decompose some of the unfavorable factors in the human body, such as the oligomer in the beans Sugar, flatulence factor, etc. Many metabolites produced by the metabolism of microorganisms, most of which have the effect of regulating the organism's biological functions, can inhibit the production of harmful substances in the body. The unobtrusive microbes have contributed various flavors of fermented foods to humans, allowing us to enjoy the pleasures of eating and health care.

Although our country's fermented food industry has a long history, it is deeply affected by the traditional process. It has started late in the research and application of fermented food microorganisms and the improvement of traditional production processes. In particular, the use of modern biotechnology such as genetic engineering and other cutting-edge technologies for the screening of fine strains of fermented food microbes has been relatively low; enterprise production has not been scaled or has a certain scale, but the product structure is irrational, waste of resources is serious, and environmental pollution is prominent , Low economic efficiency; In addition, most of the biochemical background of fermented foods is poorly understood, the research on food fermentation still remains in the description of products and processes, the biochemical principles behind the fermentation of most of the food and function The mechanism still needs to be revealed.

Therefore, if traditional fermented foods are to be standardized and industrialized, they must undergo high-tech transformation. Actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, take the development path of circular economy, promote the promotion and application of new energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and new equipment in the industry, gradually get rid of the fate of natural fermentation, and move closer to scientific, advanced, and unified management.

It is based on this goal and at the same time that in order to promote the pace of market expansion in our country's fermentation enterprises and explore the road of brand development, it will be held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (West 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor) from September 21st to 23rd, 2015. As the "barometer" of the fermented food industry, the 2015 Shanghai International Exhibition on Bio-fermentation Products and Technology Equipment (abbreviation: BIO CHINA) has become the main battlefield for many fermented food giants at home and abroad.

As the most authoritative bio-fermentation exhibition in the industry, the 2015 Shanghai Bio-Fermentation Exhibition can be regarded as the "Asia's first exhibition." It is reported that this exhibition was organized by the China Biofermentation Industry Association and organized by Shanghai Shinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Compared with previous bio-fermentation exhibitions, the 2015 Shanghai Bio-Ferment Products Exhibition has a larger scale with more than 18,000 display areas; exhibitors are more professional and more than 20,000 professional visitors come to the scene; more companies are involved, up to 450 . It attracted many elite companies from various regions of the country in the field of bio-fermentation to join in, ensuring the global bio-fermentation products and technology equipment manufacturers in the image display, brand promotion, marketing and exchange of many needs.

If fermented foods are escorting human health, then the 2015 Shanghai Bioferment Exhibition will undoubtedly allow us to see a bright future for new fermentation technologies, and thus have greater confidence in exploring the mysteries of human health and longevity. At present, the 2015 Shanghai International Exhibition on Bio-fermentation Products and Technology Equipment is being carried out with fierce enthusiasm. It is not to be missed. What are you waiting for? Add it quickly!
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Futsal Court

Enlio's interlocking tile flat series, with dimensions 25*25*1.22cm is designed for all weather conditions, and is widely used in indoor/outdoor courts, like roller skating, indoor futsal etc.

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