September 22, 2021

Application of compressed air foam fire extinguishing device

0 Overview Compressed air foam fire extinguishing system is a new type of fire extinguishing technology.

It was born mainly because of forest fires in Western countries. Fire protection needs of fire in wooden house. This technology originated in Germany in the 1930s. With the rapid development of science and technology, firefighting researchers in the United States and Germany have done a lot of research and experiments in this area. They have been applied in the 1980s and are widely recognized and popularized in Western countries. This fire extinguishing technology. In the late 1990s, compressed air foam fire extinguishing technology entered China and began to apply and recognize this technology. The manufacturers are mainly developed countries in the West. Among them are German Schmitz GmbH. Qiegler company. Austrian Lusen Baoya International Co., Ltd. and Meiwei Daligong 1. Product name essays. ;1! Pressed Zhejiang air foam fire extinguishing system, also known as 03 foam fire extinguishing system, 0, yes, abbreviation, 9 is the abbreviation of 31. That is to say, the dripping water passes through, and after the foaming fire extinguishing system, it becomes 7 bubbles. Therefore, there are seven systems, also known as the first generation of chemical foam car compressed air foam system, the system uses foam liquid as a bubble bed and can also use 8 types of foam, the object burning must have three factors to form. That is the appropriate temperature and moderate oxygen for the combustion. If we can influence or solve one of these factors. Can put out the fire. For a long time. Because water is easy to extract, it is cheap and non-corrosive. Pollution and other characteristics. Straight as a primary fire extinguishing agent.

The mechanism of water fire suppression is to cool down. However, due to the large surface tension of water. Poor penetration. Cannot be attached to a vertical surface. In actual use, only about 15 waters have a cooling effect. Most of the water is lost, so. The fire extinguishing efficiency of water is very low.

The traditional foam fire extinguishing uses 8 types of foam. The fire extinguishing mechanism is to cool down. Isolation of oxygen. The foaming liquid is a protein-like fluoroprotein type water-forming film type and an anti-solvent type foam, and the mixing ratio is 34, and is mainly used for nails. Ethylene-propylene flammable liquid fire water-soluble flammable liquid fires and fires. The foaming process is a suction at the end, that is, a negative pressure is formed when the foam liquid flows through the end spray device foam gun foam gun foam generator or the like. Inhale air into an air foam mixture. Because it is not pressure air. The degree of foaming of the mixture is insufficient, and there is a lot of water in the mixture. Therefore, its moisture retention is poor. But the fire extinguishing efficiency is higher than the water.

The foam used in compressed air foam fire extinguishing is mainly a bubble-like bed. The fire extinguishing mechanism is also the function of cooling and cooling and isolating oxygen. The foam liquid is chemically synthesized and is an environmentally friendly foam. It can degrade itself in nature, and the mixing ratio is low. Because the compressed mixture of compressed air is injected into the foam mixture, the particle size of the water is refined, the coverage area of ​​the water is increased, and the surface tension of the water is reduced. It can quickly penetrate into the inside of the combustion.

It absorbs more heat and has the highest fire extinguishing efficiency. It is mainly used to save fires and to save fire. According to a lot of foreign materials, the fire in the same state is introduced. Use water. Traditional 8 types of foam and compressed air-like foams were tested for fire suppression. Test the fire extinguishing time and the time when the water consumption drops from the same high temperature to the same low temperature. As a result, the time and amount of water used for conventional Class 8 foam fire extinguishing is 12 years for compressed air foam fire extinguishing. The time and water consumption is 1213 for conventional Class 5 foam fire extinguishing. The temperature reduction test is. The time spent on traditional Class 8 foams is 12 for compressed air foams of 1213 for Class 8 foams.

2 Compressed air bubble fire extinguishing principle The compressed air foam is pre-mixed with foamed compressed air and water to foam the foam, water is still the most important part. The use of foam-like changes in the physical properties of water causes the surface tension of water to reduce permeability, plus. Increasing the moisture retention of the water makes the time for the water to stay on the burning surface to become longer. Compressed air is used to achieve the pre-twisted. 1 æ±¾ foam mixed liquid plus 7 parts of air to make a simple type of bubble air foam fire extinguishing system. It is a desktop structure that integrates the power equipment and source equipment spray equipment and control components.

Compared with large fire trucks. The advantage of being flexible than a large fire truck is particularly suitable for use in narrow alleys. Because most of the mixture is compressed air, the ratio of water to gas is about 17, so it is 7 times lighter than the same volume of water, so the water is light in weight. Good maneuverability during operation. A firefighter can turn the mixture into more smaller and more uniform bubbles. The area of ​​the water has been increased by a factor of seven, plus a covered cooling area. Increased fire fighting efficiency.

Working principle of the device 1 Turn on the fire water source and start the engine. The clutch is closed, the water pump 2 and the air compressor 5 work. The pressure water supplied by the pump passes through the foam proportional mixer 4. A negative pressure is formed under the action of a pressurized water flow. Aspirate the foam stock to form a fixed proportion of the foam mixture. Compressed air having an equal or slightly higher pressure of injection and water is connected to the mixed liquid output line.

The gas-liquid mixer 8 and the transfer line are mixed to form a mixture of air water and foam, and the air foam outlet is sprayed through the non-suction DC water gun 7 to perform fire extinguishing. The device can also be supplied with a separate pressure source. 5 start the engine, the pump works, and the water outlet. The fire extinguishing is carried out by spraying the direct current atomizing water gun 3.

1 water source; 2 water pump; 3 DC atomizing water gun; 4 foam proportioning mixer; 5 air compressor; 6 pressure reducing valve; 7 DC water gun; 8 liquid mixer 9 combination control valve; 10201 foam liquid barrel compressed air foam product There are 3 kinds of structural forms 1 compressed air foam fire trucks directly manufactured by the merchants. The operation control is the most advanced, and it is controlled by automatic; 2 parts of the commercial air foam are purchased, the parts are assembled to the fire truck, and the fire is modified. The vehicle forms a compressed air foam fire truck; 3 is a bench-type compressed air foam fire extinguisher driven by an independent engine.

The main components of the device are 1 powered gasoline engine; 2 设备 equipment water pump air compressor; 3 negative pressure foam proportioning mixer capable of mixing foam water; 4 can mix mixed liquid compressed air Gas-liquid mixer; 5 control parts and accessories clutch pressure reducing valve; speed pressure pipeline fuel tank.

Foam-like liquid. Fire hose, etc.; 6 injection equipment DC atomizing water gun DC foam gun.

There are two performance parameters of the device, ice 5 outlets, and water outlets. The other is the air bubble outlet.

The water outlet parameter is working pressure 07, and the flow rate 571 has a range of 30 丐 and can be sprayed with direct current and atomized.

Air foam outlet parameters are working pressure 02MP, water flow 281 air flow 2, 1 mixing ratio 0 4 device main features 202820 compressed air foam fire extinguishing device is fully automatic compression 1 proportional mixer; 2 water pump; 3 water pump inlet; 4 gasoline engine ; 5 air compressor. This way, the fire control ability is strong and the fire extinguishing speed is fast. Because the scorpion foam makes the water extinguish the bubbles. The fire extinguishing effect of each bubble is equivalent to the drip fire extinguishing effect, so the water area and moisture retention are increased, and the burning object surface can be continuously cooled. Reduces the risk of re-ignition and increases the fire-extinguishing effect by 7 times. The ratio of the foam liquid water for the device is 0, which is less than 0 for the conventional foam, so it also has the characteristics of less water consumption and less foam. The foam-like liquid used is environmentally friendly. The products are mainly used to save fires, but also to save 8 types of fire.

5 applications currently. The domestic use of this product is mostly for fire detachments around the country, such as Suzhou Jetta is to buy the United States vigorous company compressed air foam components, through the modified fire truck into a compressed air foam fire truck Hangzhou fire detachment directly purchased the company compressed air foam fire truck Dalian fire detachment to buy Comes with an engine. Integrated benchtop compressed air foam fire extinguisher. Installed on a small fire truck. In terms of price, the price of the direct purchase of compressed air foam fire trucks is the lowest, and the application price is relatively low.

The desktop compressed air foam fire extinguishing device is mainly used for the production of fire fighting equipment. 60. 诹 ​​2 view.卟, such as 蝣 1 卫 1 called 2, 0 such as. The main components of the coffee machine manufacturing and automation 3 performance parameters and maximum pressure at the outlet end.

The actual effects of fluid flow in the impeller 14 and 13 encounters, 5 conclusion 1 finite element analysis of the strength of the turbine compressor impeller. It is found that the dangerous area is the root of the short blade inlet, and the internal flow field of the impeller is studied. The entire flow field from the inlet to the outlet is calculated, and the internal flow characteristics are obtained. The airflow flows into the trailing edge of the inlet. The internal flow passage is extended to the circumference due to the rotation of the blade. The speed is getting bigger and bigger. And uniform symmetry.

3 The flow and pressure generated by the airflow around the blades and the blades are substantially uniform and symmetrical, and the pressure from the inlet to the outlet of the blade is increasing, and there is a significant backflow at the inlet of the short blade. Xu Xiaoqiang, Zhao Honglun. Contact nonlinear finite element analysis of interference fit stress. Mechanical design and research. 20001.

2 He Qiudong, Li Lijun. Finite element analysis of mine counter-rotating axial fan impeller Liu Shengzhu, Guo Pengcheng. Grid Generation and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis in Centrifugal Pump Impellers 1. Journal of Agricultural Engineering. 244 Yu Yueping, Hu Jisun. The influence of the blade profile on the aerodynamic performance of the centrifugal extension is studied and the flow field of the impeller is calculated. Fluid machinery. 2,07.357,5,1 rule. Yuan analysis.呙 heart impeller 1. The value of the flow field of the Wei 湍 flow is divided into 1 heat. The date of the 200812 7 8 is connected to the sixth page. Can be used as a first-class fire extinguishing. Fire fighting will be carried out together with large fire engines. Suitable for urban and rural ordinary residential fires; automobile fires; building textile tires, paper waste, shrub grassland and other fires and oil fires. Extinguishing. The common foaming ratio of fireproofing is 03. The fire fighting equipment installation type has 1 small fire truck; 2 shift trailers; 3 fire truck and trailer combination; 4 pairs of existing fire trucks are modified and installed. The product can also be used as a stand-alone mobile or stationary fire-fighting device.

6 Conclusion With the strengthening of China's science and technology strong police strategy. In the next few years, firefighting units at all levels will certainly increase investment in equipment and equipment to improve the efficiency of fire fighting and maximize the protection of the lives and property of the broad masses of the people. Compressed air foam fire extinguishing devices with their high efficiency of fire extinguishing. It will surely play a major role in the future fire fighting, and its market demand will gradually increase by 550,160. The revised version of the 1999 version of the petrochemical enterprise design fire protection specifications.

2ç–‹503382003 fixed anti-cannon fire extinguishing system ten specifications.

3; 5033823 fixed anti-cannon fire extinguishing Luo system set 1 ten beer van.

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