September 22, 2021

· Shanghai "ghost license plate" up to 5,000 cases involving 220 million yuan

The "Ghost License Plate" is up to 5,000 pieces, which lasts for ten years. When the auction license plate was almost started in Shanghai, the locusts in the IRS began to engage in internal and external collusion. These "inner ghost license plates" also seriously challenged the fairness of "limit cards" and auction license plates.
Shanghai has implemented private car auctions (commonly known as “car license auctions”) for 11 years. Recently, a criminal case handled by a middle-level people's court in Shanghai has exposed the internal and external collusion and the illegal issuance of license plates that are almost accompanied by Shanghai “selling”. Shady.
According to a report made by the reporter of Shanghai Commercial Daily, from January 2005 to March 2014, the former member of the State Administration of Taxation of Shanghai, Fu Moumou, Jiang Moumou and Huang Niu Chen Moumou, passed In the vehicle purchase tax tax payment certificate, the company has stolen the real chapter or altered, spliced ​​and other means to defraud the private car quota, resulting in 5,000 "inner ghost license plate" cars on the street, illegally gaining benefits of up to 220 million yuan.
The "Ghost Car License Plate" is as high as 5,000 pieces, up to ten years ago. That is to say, when the license plate was auctioned from Shanghai almost, the locusts in the IRS began to engage in "inner ghost license plates" colluding inside and outside. These “inner ghost license plates” have seriously challenged the fairness of “limit cards” and auction license plates.
From the technical level analysis, first, because there is no information network between the national tax and the vehicle management department, the ghosts in the national tax department forged and altered the documents to defraud the license plate, the vehicle management department found no problems for ten years. Secondly, it is because of the complexity of license plate management itself, such as the “Shanghai C” license that can only be used in the suburbs of Shanghai, which is outside the “selling” system.
However, on a more macro level, it is still an immature and incomplete "selling" system, which itself has created a huge space for corruption and rent-seeking. Because of the high auction price of the license plate, Shanghai's license plate is known as "the most expensive iron sheet in history." Under the pressure of public opinion, Shanghai has gradually implemented the "price warning" system in recent years. In fact, it has restricted the "high price" mechanism in the auction, and implemented the auctioner's restriction and high price limit. The current Shanghai license plate auction is actually a "auction + shake" mechanism, you are willing to spend 80,000 yuan to buy "iron sheet", but less than 5% probability to get the license plate. This is called market failure + control failure. In this context, the “thinophilic” ox will naturally collude with some corrupt elements in the government department to create such “ghost license plates”.
It is worth mentioning that the relevant departments of Shanghai did not take the initiative to disclose the case when dealing with this "ghost car license plate" case; it was not until the trial stage of the case that the media reporters were exposed. The relevant parties in Shanghai have not publicly investigated the supervisory responsibilities of relevant officials. There is no clear statement on whether 5,000 “ghost license plates” have been revoked according to law.
In a nutshell, unsupervised power can lead to corruption, and absolute power can lead to absolute corruption. The original intention of "limitation" in some megacities in China is of course good; but the administrative control of "limitation" is also prone to huge corruption.
Therefore, ensuring the fairness and transparency of “selling cards” and “shaking the numbers” is the bottom line for the implementation of “limited” cities. "Ghost license plate" challenges the fair bottom line of "limit card", and should conduct comprehensive investigation and accountability, and accountability can not stop at one or two specific staff and scalpers.


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