September 22, 2021

·Shaanzhong heavy-duty truck export trucks have once again broken through the F3000-10X4 trucks at the assembly line

In order to meet the customized needs of customers and support the competition of Shaanxi Heavy Auto in the international market, Shaanxi Heavy Auto fully researched the Vietnamese truck market, planned and formulated relevant plans, and quickly put into implementation. Recently, two F3000-10X4 trucks that meet the needs of Vietnamese customers have been successfully launched, and the company's comprehensive review has achieved the expected design requirements. According to feedback, the model was launched into the Vietnamese market in June, and the production unit has already prepared for the preparation.

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Machine

In the singlerow meltblown process, polymer is spun through a spinneret with hundreds of hole. Streams of hot air exiting at both sides of the spinneret tip attenuate the polymer melt to form the finest filaments which subsequently get blown by high velocity air onto a collector screen. The result is a kind of meltblown fabric with excellent barrier and filtration properties.This equipment is used for production of the nonwoven fabric spun by polypropylene nonwoven fabrics. Meltblown polypropylene special raw materials as the main raw material, auxiliary Materials with additives such as color masterbatch and auxiliary masterbatch, to produce polypropylene meltblown nonwoven fabrics with different color, different properties and different applications.

PP Meltblown Nonwoven fabric machine

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